Monday, October 01, 2007


We got back last night and our luggages are unbelievable! We didn't do much shopping but somehow we had to get an additonal "container" for the hundreds of gifts we recieved in Manila. In behalf of Pisanu, Morgan and Aki...we would like to thank you for the incredible hospitality. You know who you are, sweeties. We did have a blast!

We didn't had much chance to reply to comments on this blog and well, we "apologize". A word you don't find too often on BISEAN. We also hadn't had the chance to reply to emails for a week and now we got 116 of them plus 14 spam mails [from those Nigerian bank managers-slash-scammers]. Pisanu and I are working our a** off to reply to each email you sent. We promise, you'll hear from us soon [that doesn't include the Nigerians]. Toodle-loo.

Hugs and kisses,



eyron said...

haha, extra luggage for gifts and im sure your host has something 'pabaon' for you and your family/friends in bangkok

Tommy said...

Welcome home. We missed you crazy guys! You were out for 2 weeks! Glow tomorrow night, ok? Or maybe Bed, up to you.

Dao said...

ถามอะไรหน่อยซิ...คุณกินอะไรถึงสวย =)

ทำไมเข้า Blogger ไม่ได้ฟะ…เซ็งเลย...ใครเหมือนเราบ้างอ่ะ

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ P'Dao, Sofia can't read Thai. LOL
She eats whole carabaos and live chickens that shy she looks beautiful. Waaaaahhh! Hilarious!
No, we don't have problem logging in to Blogger.

@ Eyron...hey dude! You're cool! You always leave a comment here when it's quiet. You make our blog look important. Thanks, man. We appreciate it. We didn't bring "pasalubong" back home. They will freak out! LOL

@ Tommy, maybe Q Bar on Wednesday night. I missed my PS2. I'll play 72 hours straight!

Sanne Dee said...

Hope you guys had a fruitful experience! Thanks for the updates even though y'all were away. :) Your posts make me wanna pay philly a visit as well.

I am so sorry for being slow with my blogging. It's the bloody workload. Thank god it's coming to an end soon!

I should be going to Bkk this Nov so I might be able to catch up with the Biseaners! :)

eyron said...

@pisanu, hehe. ur blog is informative and entertaining

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Yup Sanne, we did have a good time. WE're like rock stars hahaha! Literally.

Ok, we'll see you in November. Alhtough we can't make you drunk because you're a pro...we'll still try LOL

Sanne Dee said...


Don said...

Sawat-dee kap! glad u enjoyed your stay here in the back here soon and you'll be greeted with the same warmth and hospitality as your 1st visit.. i'm turning into an avid reader..sometimes i read your blog before my work mail.LoL

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ work already? You look like a 15 year old dude! LOL. Sofia showed me your friendster profile.

Don said...

@Pisanu.. haha..i'm already 21 and yeh, i do look pubescent but i'm intellectually mature *wink*.. it must be all that red bull i'm drinkin', it has a rejuvenating effect!ahaha..

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Oh my, I'm receiving those spams too. They're driving me nuts.

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