Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aside from Visiting Temples and Museums

Bonjour mesdames et monsieurs! This is Morgan and I have my 2nd post today, ouais? My post is about what to do in this wonderful city of Phnom Penh aside from visiting temples et museums. Please pardon my English, svp. My mother tongue is French and Vietnamese. I think you would like me to write in English, ouais?

This is my first time in Cambodge. I know all of us are thinking that what we will see here is only poverty et depression, no? Everybody look down on this country too much saying it is depressing, very poor, very dirty. Everything we say to make us feel good about our own country.

When I came here with me friends last Monday, my views changed. People are friendly, happy and not miserable. How can miserable people smile so much, oui? Yes there are some people begging but Bangkok, Kuala Lumpour, Manille et Paris has too, n'est-il pas?

We visited a restaurant called “Friends Cafe”. This restaurant is very special. It is a restaurant for training young Cambodians who used to live in the streets. They teach them new skills so they can support themselves. Please visit this place when you are in Phnom Penh. It is near the Musee national du Cambodge.

In the time of the evil Khmer Rouge, traditional performing arts are forbidden. Now, artists are reviving the almost lost Cambodian culture. I suggest a visit to Sovanna Phum, a theater showing the best of Cambodian performing arts.

Early this morning we went water skiing on the river! It is 2km outside Phnom Penh and we enjoy ourselves. Alligator Ski Club is actually a floating bar. Fresh air et bon musique. Tommy et Pisanu go water skiing. Me, no! Because I cannot swim. JetSki is available too at $50 for 1 hour. Don’t be afraid of the name, there is no alligator on the river – only crocodiles! I joke! I joke!

The best way to see Phnom Penh is by moto. It is the best adventure we had yet. This is where you can try your moto driving skills! Hundreds of motos drive directly at you and the chaos is more amusing than annoying. Moi et me friends are like little children having fun while we weave through a sea of cars et motos! This is the most exciting thing we did here!

We also visited the Central Market. I think Pisanu or Sofia will talk about it later. It is a beautiful building like art deco in the middle of the city. I buy many souvenirs for me friends back in Paris.

All I can say is, please tour Cambodia. It is safe, the nightlife is more relaxing than other cities and it is not what you see or read on magazines. Come and see for yourself. Please stop making bad stories about Cambodia if you have not been here yet -- It is fun and people here seem more happy.

There are more to Cambodge than the Angkor.

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Pisanu for BISEAN said...

I TOLD YOU TO WRITE IN FRENCH! You want the grammar and spelling police attack us again? I will edit this later!

And Grant, if you're reading this...YOU'RE FIRED! Insulting comments are still posted and it's your job to make sure we cant read it!

Mark said...

@ Pisanu... dont be to harsh. I understood perfectly what he said...

But yeah unfortunately there are some people out there - to feel superior will attact grammar and spelling of others, as if it is the only criteria... just to feel better with their miserable pretentious life...

Arunny Chantou said...

Hello Morgan. Did you like the last recipe I gave you?

Erick Lau said...

watch your grammar!!! lol. just joking. i think its quite charming to read something written like this.

pisanu, mark is right...don't be too harsh on the little boy. lol. hello from singapore!

Oroboy said...

WHOA! I didn't expect these in Cambodia. I think you guys are right about it being under rated.

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