Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Whoever says the beaches of Bali is too touristy, too crowded and too busy can kiss my sun-tanned a*s through eternity. For all I know, they never been to Bali AT ALL! Ha!

And before we go on, one more thing – I have already told you the importance of knowing what kind of beach you are looking for before actually heading anywhere. This would ensure you’d enjoy it and won’t spoil somebody else’s holiday…

Anyways, enough of the bitchin’… here’s your guide to Bali’s best beaches according to 14 BISEANers. Let’s categorize it into 3:

[1] For watchin’ bronzed gods & goddesses / displaying yourself / Party Zone
[2] For the family oriented / Quiet solitude / Drama Queens (and kings!)
[3] For the rich & famous / nouveau riche / social climbers

Category 1

Kuta Beach – Absolutely the most popular beach on the island No shortage of beach babes and dudes, super party zone, Hard Rock. Kuta’s 5 km stretch is the longest beach in Bali. Even those who fancy Categories 2 & 3 comes here. Lots of surfing, water sports, activities and a beach culture of its own. Here is where the action you are looking for.

Dreamland Beach – Lots of action, very vibrant. 15 minutes from Kuta. Surfer dudes and babes galore. Lovely crowd.

Uluwatu & Padang Padang – Surfer god’s paradise + sunset parties + spectacular views + quiet lagoons.

Category 2

Sanur Beach – The center of it all; starting point to see the rest of the island, pale pink sands, white sands, fashion shops, boutique hotels, for thos who love culture.

Legian Beach – Comfy guest houses, boutique hotels, activities for the family, lots of kids, honeymooners, behaved but still has a wicked night life. A few minutes drive from Kuta.

Seminyak Beach - Very cosmopolitan but casual ambiance, classy restaurants, fine dining, local designer shops. Tanah Lot's is walking distance from here. Good for surfing in dramatic sunsets.

CandidasaWell… not really the best. But what makes this special is the tranquility you’re looking for. For those who’d like to have some peace and quiet with the family. Or self-pity extravaganzas.

Category 3

Jimbaran Beach - Sterile, clean, organized and picturesque. Like the one’s on post cards. The Four Seasons, The Intercon and the Ritz Carlton dominate the beach.

Nusa Dua Beach - One word: Prestige. Another sterile beach where everything is in its proper place. International celebrities head here.

Bali’s 10 Best Beaches according to BISEAN.

2008 is Visit Indonesia Year. Come and visit.



GitaChan said...

ohh yeah Padang Padang is a surfer paradise, the wave there are crazy

Dreamland beach is getting more and more popular

Jake Tornado said...

I'll take Category 3. I'm a well-known social climber myself haha!

dhawell said...

Bali, just you wait... ill be there in no time... just be patient we'll see each other one day! ZZzzzZzz!

Bruneian said...

Nusa Dua Resort is owned by Brunei...

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