Wednesday, November 28, 2007


BISEAN was invited to be one of the judges for this year’s hottest competition on the blogosphere – “ExpressMen of the YEAR”. This is the battle of hotness of male models and visionary photographers featured on the brilliant blog ExpressMen and its partner site Next Model Men.

The theme of the competition is “Catching Dreams”. Which I think is right-on-the-money as it features new and aspiring models and photographers. Thank god for blogs like ExpressMen for promotion positive careers of these new but enormously talented people.

To be a competition judge, we were asked a question: “How do you catch dreams?” And my answer is quite simple…

“Catching dreams is like a tiger hunting its prey – the intense focus, the persistent stalking and a well-executed plan of attack. Be like a tiger when catching your dreams – focus like it is the only thing in the world, persevere like your life depended on it and always be prepared.”

BISEAN supports this project as we promote new and aspiring talents and giving them the platform to show their brilliance.

So, what is it for you, my dear readers? Well, aside from the eye candies (mind you), you will be part of making somebody’s dream come true. Isn’t that great? IT IS GREAT! And oh! Oh! Here’s the bonus kicker – you get to win fabulous prizes too! Visit ExpressMen, support the model you fancy and leave comments. ExpressMen will choose the “BEST COMMENT EVER” and it could be you! *no, there are no prizes for the nastiest comment. So zip it!*

So what are you waiting for?

Go to ExpressMen Model blog and come back here afterwards, y’hear?

Now, GO! And send 'em some lovin' baby. =)

ExpressMEN of the Year

The search is on!


*Organized by the brilliant Jason Patric.


Bjarne of Norway said...

Nice! Lemme have a look. :)

Friedreich said...

They really got nice photos there. And I like his objective of promoting budding models and photographers.

Aki said...


Tommy said...

that was a nice blog. eye candies galore indeed!

Jake Tornado said...

Cathching dreams? How about catching their undies? Haha! (lols)

expressmen said...

hello bisean. thank you so much. for all your support and love. the event will not be possible without biseans support and promotion. to all bisean readers, thank you very much! bisean had always been one of my favorite blogs because of its balanced content and how it mirrors the best of asia in both tradition, customs, current events and issues, and packed everything into one powerful bisean blog..from my heart to yours, thank you bisean!!

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