Thursday, January 17, 2008

PERFECT SPECIMEN: Katreeya English | แคทลียา อิงลิช

The voice. The talent. The waist-line.

Katreeya is a very popular singer/actress/model in Thailand. She is Thai-English. She was born 4 September 1976 in Oxford, England to a Thai mother and an English father.

Kat (as she is famously known) returned to Thailand with her family when she was 14 and started a career in acting. She became a model afterwards and eventually became an instant pop superstar when her debut album sold over a million copies.

The whole of the country talked about Kat when the media unofficially declared her as Thailand’s sexiest – Kat released a music video sporting an outfit bearing her super-flat tummy and uber-narrow waist-line!

More photos of Kat here...

(Click to enlarge)

Eurasians are the hottest people on Earth.



재미 said...

I dont really know a lot of Thai artistes but I've seen Kat's name appearing in a lot of places!
Her figure's really nice too! heh heh..`7 Jan's my birthday, glad that this post features someone hawt :D

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