Thursday, January 17, 2008


Maybe some of you have noticed the Medal Tally right up there on the right hand side corner of the screen – the BISEAN [Sx] Games.

What the f*ck is it?... EXACTLY! It’s about f*ck.

Well, we started a little game among BISEANers who among us can sleep with the most number of gorgeous people in 2 weeks. Hey! We need to occupy our time! You got better idea? – None? So shut up. *and if you do, I don’t wanna hear it =)*

Anyways, none of us can go out partying alone. There’s a buddy system implemented to validate the “claim” for the day. Cheaters would be stripped, castrated and fed to the metrosexuals. *Eeew! Yuck!*

The winner would get bragging rights for the whole year and get to slap Mrs. Shinawatra on the face (optional, of course).

The gold, silver, and bronze medals are all explained right under the tally.
Any questions?



Jake Tornado said...

Hey, what's happening to Tommy? Better get that hips running! I'm rooting for you dude! (I like siding with "underdogs" he-he). LOLS

Sofia for BiSEAN said...
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Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Tommy is a "deep" person. And he's kinda aloof and shy. I really have no idea why he even joined! At least now I know I won't be at the bottom of the list! I'm gonna die! */giggles/

TAO said...

So, Tommy is the intellectual type of him he could be dangerous! :)

Personally, I have decided to give Pisanu a run for his money...I have my own medal count and I have given him a three day head start!

To say nothing about the age difference and I have only one town to work with and he has all of Asia...

As someone told me over 20 years ago.."Old age and treachery will overcome youth and enthusiasm everytime!" :)

Get ready!

Carlos Javier said...

Oh my, what athletes you are! LOL.

Way to go Morgan! Woot!

MischMensch said...

Morgan morgan! Morgan! Lol Tommy Tommy Tommy! Erm Pisanu don't need it...... But the games are over and the winner is Ahkiro!

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