Tuesday, February 12, 2008


BISEAN sitting down with a couple of Philippine politicians at lunch watching a “hearing” in the Senate about some corruption scandal against the government.


Star Witness: “Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah. Smiles. Blah, blah, blah.

Accused: “Blah, blah, blah.”

Star Witness: “Blah, blah. Yaddi -yaddi -da-da”.

This went on for like half an hour.


All quiet, trying to focus on the proceedings. Sofia forking her dessert, Morgan studying the center-piece flowers and I… having a headache trying to decipher the Filipino words they are saying…

When the Star Witness’ face was focused again on the TV, Tommy blurted out

“HE’S A BIG LIAR! Can’t they see it? The eye movements, the muscles on the cheeks, the lingering of words! He’s lying! His shoulders gave it away! He’s making up stories!”

Every one on the table was startled. Tommy didn’t know that all those politicians on our table are pro-Star Witness and against the government.


Frankly…I also know that witness is adding and sensationalizing facts! Tommy is a Doctor of Psychology. He’ll spot a lie even before you open your mouth.



curbside_puppet said...

great and mouth-gaping post!!!! yep pisanu, those politicians you're with are against the government. the mayor himself is like the head of the opposition party!

i just plain hate them!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting insight. :) Filipinos have been following this story (and others like it) for so long that we usually pre-judge each side and know which side we're on.

The observation of someone who is relatively objective is worth noting.

- Mary L.

Jake Tornado said...

NOW THAT is the reason why I've got a big crush on Tommy. When can I date him? :)

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Hej babe. You portrayed me here like I dont care with whats happening. Well.....I DONT REALLY CARE! The dessert is too sweet and I want to make it appear like I am enjoying it! Pffft!

LOL. Ja, Tommy really surprised the bastards! Toodle-loo.

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

@ Jake >>> how can you have a crush on someone you havent seen or heard, at least. Huh? /*smirk/

Wait a sec sweetie...Pisanu was wrong about us flying out tonight. We fly tomorrow. He just wanna make a courtesy call to his mistress at The Fort. Eeeew! Movie starlet ho!

Sofia for BiSEAN said...
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Red B. said...

LOL. Your observation is worth noting. Very interesting. Now, I'm starting to look on that hearing in a different light. Thanks!

MischMensch said...

Uh Tommy sounds sexy now Heh. Bonjour Sof

janna said...

politics really suck here in the phils. they are all liars!! watching the senate hearing made me sick. ulk! they're just wasting our taxes.

Anonymous said...

haaayyyy... im from d phils and i say, "so wats new???" and they (mostly in opposition) r plannin a big rally in d financial district of makita this aftrn. haaayyy... d traffic and disruption of work it will cause.

my prayer 'LORD, can u please give us a genuine leader who will help us in d predicament we are in ryt now?!" Maranatha!

curbside_puppet said...

to JOSH: i wanna rephrase your last sentence by saying that what we needed were people who are pro-unity and pro-cooperation and much less of bickering and too much bickering.

it doesn't matter if we have the best leader because for as long as the opposition is like that, nothing will happen.

we pinoys are just too critical and are stubborn as well.

Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

I have watched the news since it began. (Thanks to my new found "freedom.")

It's good that you have a friend, who's no less than a Doctor of Psychology, like Tommy, who pointed out his observation during that time. :)

However, coming from the humble point of view of someone who is neither a politician nor a pro-opposition and had been following the story from day one, I say he's telling the truth.

Yup. He is. ^_^

(Just try to compare how he speaks, his body language etc, with those of seasoned politicians or government officials like Abalos. Abalos and others are always calm and execute everything with a straight face. I wouldn't think twice of believing them, had I not understood Filipino and English.)

Lozada's facial expressions and subtle quirks may appear to be a dead giveaway, it's not hard to imagine where you're coming given the situation, however, I beg to disagree when you say that he's telling lies with regards to the whole ZTE scandal.

Thank you, Pisanu and BISEANers, for giving time in posting and giving your comments about this.

Group hug everyone! ^_^

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Brent...dude! Open your eyes a little wider.

People who borrows and hides behind the credibility of the church AND NOT on his own, MUST NOT be trusted.

In a court of law, produce EVIDENCE...NOT nuns and priests to solicite sympathy.

I'm sorry to say this...but in a foreigner's observation...your country prefers actors to be Presidents.

So, it's not a surprise that the excellent acting of the Star Witness garners more support.

Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

Pisanu, sincerely, thank you for your concern, however, I feel the need to further point these out.

Though it may seem, Lozada's not hiding behind the credibility of the church. He had already admitted to the wrongs he had done as repeatedly pointed out by several of the senators for the past hearings last week which began Monday morning. He was a president of a company and had done less than noble transactions, as reflected by the paper works presented by senator Miriam-Santiago, et al. And, of course, being in a position that deals with such people in the government... it's not hard to imagine, and he admitted, that he had his share of the pie.

He is not a saint at all and is not trying to present himself to be, as pointed out by senator Lacson whem the senator mentioned the Priests and Nuns literally behind Lozada during the first senate hearing.

The church is only providing him and his family shelter and protection as, under the present laws, only the office of the Secretary of Justice can give him protection via the witness protection program. That, however is not an option as the Secretary of Justice is working for the people who are behind the scandal. No Filipino in his right mind would choose that option.

Regarding hard evidence, no black and white proof, paper works, etc, can be presented as we are dealing with something that can be tailor fit to prevent anomalous transactions from becoming obvious. Im no politician, Pisanu, but I personally know enough people who do these things to put myself in their shoes and try to think if I were them.

Regarding actors for presidents, the US was the first to have an actor for a president. (But that's a different issue. Jejeje.)
Erap was very charismatic and all that, but, believe it or not, Pisanu, regarding actors for presidents, we already have learned our lesson the hard way. And this whole issue has nothing to do, directly, with the us supposedly preferring actors over economists who had been a classmate of Clinton for the Presidency.

My bottomline: Lozada is not acting with regards to the issue on him being kidnapped and the whole ZTE hoolabaloo.

Pisanu, this issue can go on forever and ever with our points of view posted on one comment after another. I think it's something better tackled over coffee, tea, or choco. ^_^ (At this point, Im also trying to lighten the mood as this is issue is really politically and emotionally charged worthy of oral discussion.)

Lastly, I would like to point out that there is more to this than it may seem. It's like an onion with layers one is trying to peel off near one's already tearful eyes.

There is so much at stake here.

(And for all it's worth, I would like to add that Im not posting this because I want our President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo out of the Palace. All I want is a better country, if not for me, for the generations to come. [Eeew. That was so... so... whatever.])

Carrie Puyat said...

Hello BISEAN. Well, I read the thread and I cant resist to react...

Your "guesses" are as good as mine.

The government is already "sentenced" anyway. So what's the point wasting time and money on this "hearing".

If they are so convinced (and as Pisanu says -- even WITHOUT EVIDENCE)... then there is really no point for all of these.

Danica of the Biggest Clan in the North said...




I would like to believe what my foreign friends here in the States used to tell me: "The Philippines is a sinking ship. Get out as early as you can."

Isn't that a shame?

An Atenean in Baltimore said...

Pareng Brent, baka nga nagsasabi ng totoo si Lozada. Baka. Pero hwag nating ipikit ang mga mata natin. Sabi nga ng author nitong blog na to, buksan ang mga mata ng kaunti pa.

Sa dating mo pare, you already passed a judegment sa gobyerno. This is not democracy.

Ang masasabi ko lang pare, nagdadagdag si Lozada ng facts. Pwedeng totoo ung claims nya pero...dinadagdagan nya.

(Sorry to react in Tagalog, Bisean authors...this is for Brent)

J. de la Coruna said...

Quote: "...your country prefers actors to be Presidents. So, it's not a surprise that the excellent acting of the Star Witness garners more support."

Hard to admit but you got it SPOT ON!

This is politics, Philippine style.

Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

@ An Atenean in Baltimore: Everything is still dynamic. Wala pa naman akong tinutuldukan sa gobyerno natin. At sana nga di lang ako. Pero, pare, kung andito ka lang. Tsk. Mararamdaman mo... kahit saan nalang yun ang usapin. Nakakatakot at nakaka-frustrate ang maaring kahantungan, ngayon pa naman na maganda ang trend ng ekonomiya di lang sa Pilipinas pero pati sa SEAsia. Yoko naman na maiwan tayo.

(Sorry for the code switch to Filipino, dear authors, but I felt the need to react in Filipino too. And it felt good! :D)

@Carrie Puyat: I hope that our government is not "sentenced" yet. We still do need to hear all sides. We're a democratic country.

@Danica of the Biggest Clan in the North: Your clan, is it from Ilocos? It's sad that by communicating in english, we expose our country's dirty laundry to the public. However, I guess it's a way of telling them also that we are still a nation in progress, learning as we go. And, hopefully, foreign investors, etc, would take these as democracy at work.

Im calling for prudence.

We dont need anything radical, yet. We can stage all the rallies that we want etc since we're a free country. BUT... and that's a BIG BUT. We have to be responsible enough to foresee what may happen after we do something. So... let's all be the watchdogs that we are. Follow the case as it goes. Be vigilant. Hopefully the government stays intact as I believe it will. And at the end of the day, come election day especially, we have all learned our lessons and voted and GUARDED our ballots for the best candidate.
Let's try to place in power one who's not necessarily the most intelligent, like Marcos, or another EDSA personality, like Cory and Ramos, or one who has the most charisma and an actor *smile*, like Erap, or resourceful, among other things, like GMA, but the one who we believe has the character, credentials, etc, to be a LEADER, not just a politician, for the Philippines.

Whew! I still say issues like these are better discussed over coffee, tea, or m... choco.

Carabaopower II said...


I for one am not swallowing the Star witness' account hook, line, and sinker. So far, they're all words and NO hard evidence. And the way he speaks of it, well, it sounds like he is embellishing on whatever it is he knows.

It would help his cause (and that of the political opposition here in my country) more if he refrained from pontificating on whatever it is he speaks of. Behavior like that to me speaks of a more credible witness.

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