Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Singapore's Most Gorgeous Woman is a Member of the Parliament.
Top that! Ha!

Eunice Elizabeth Olsen is Member of Parliament in Singapore. She is a Eurasian Singaporean and championing more representation of Eurasian community in the assembly.

She was born in Singapore on 24 October 1977 and in 2004, she became the youngest Member of Parliament in Singapore’s history at the age of 27.

Eunice is an active volunteer, providing counseling services at the Toa Payoh Girls' Home and the Andrew and Grace Home for troubled teens. She has also volunteered at the Eurasian Association of Singapore.

In the parliamentary debate on Integrated Resort in 2005, Olsen called for stronger measures to address social problems of compulsive gambling, including mandating a loss limit for casino patrons and to require the casino operator to provide responsible gambling counseling services.

She was Miss Singapore-Universe 2000.

*Source: Wikibio


curbside_puppet said...

how on earth did she make it to the singaporean parliament?! pretty amazing feat huh?!

MischMenschInPg said...

Lol she must be some great woman! Go Eunice!

Fuzz said...

really now... may i know her background... education and as such... don't tell me she is on the parliament because she was the miss singapore and that she has a big "heart"

Akhyari said...

Not only in singapore, one beautiful lady, a miss-indonesia parliament member. Check this out

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Fuzz... dude, thanks for all the comments. We'd like you to know it is always welcome and appreciated. BUT our editor informed us that some of your comments were *sorry to say* -- deleted.

But don't take it personally. It's Grant's call. Not ours. We pay him good money to keep this blog nice.

But your inputs are interesting though. =)

@ Akhyari...we'll check that out! Thanks for the input!

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