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We're goin' to the World’s Largest Waterfalls in a few days. You might be thinking Niagara well, dude, you have been watchin’ too many American movies. So, think again. Nope… not the one in Africa either. Well, anyway…

There are 10 kinds of Waterfalls – the most common and famous ones are plunge, cascades and tiered. There are also 10 types based on average volume of water flowing by algorithm.

I have seen most of the tallest, widest, grandest waterfalls in our beautiful region – from Java to Mindanao, from Borneo to Central Thailand, from Champasak to Kelantan – and gahd! All the trips were worth it.

They are called Thác in Vietnam, Air terjun in Malaysia and Indonesia, 瀑布 by our Chinese bros, Talon in the Philippines and Nam Tok (น้ำตก) in my native Thailand.

Here are Southeast Asia’s Tallest Waterfalls...

Name/ Height / Tallest Drop / Location

1. Karom Falls (World’s 162nd)
1,300 ft / Cascade / Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand

2. Aliwagwag Falls (World’s 208th)
1,110 ft / 100 ft / Davao Oriental, Philippines

3. Ton Te Falls (World’s 223rd)
1,050 ft / 100 ft / Mueang, Thailand

4. Chelik Falls
984 ft / N/A / Malaysia

5. Lata Kinjang
984 ft / N/A / Malaysia

6. Boripath Falls
920 ft / N/A / Phatthalung, Thailand

7. Limunsudan Falls
870 ft / 400 ft / Lanao del Norte, Philippines

8. Jelawang Falls
820 ft / 820 ft / Kelantan, Malaysia

9. Si Gura Gura 820 feet / 820 ft / Sumatra, Indonesia

10. Busay Falls 800 ft / N/A / Albay, Philippines

11. Jerangkang Falls, 738 ft, Malaysia
12. Lata Cemerung, 700 ft, Terengganu, Malaysia
13. Binaytuan Falls, 656 ft, Laguna, Philippines
14. Lata Seminyang, 656 ft, Malaysia
15. Madakariapura, 650 ft, Java, Indonesia
16. Bukit Berembun Falls, 594 ft, Pahang, Malaysia
17. Stimson Falls, 500 ft, Philippines
18. Payakumbuh, 492 ft, Sumatra, Indonesia
19. Sai Rung, 492 ft, Trang, Thailand
20. Tamaraw Falls, 423 ft, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

The tallest waterfalls in Singapore is the Jurong Falls at 100 ft. It is also the World’s Tallest Artificial Waterfalls since Singapore has no natural ones.

The tallest in Vietnam is DamRi Falls in Dalat, 295 ft.

We’re still waiting for info of the tallest waterfalls in Burma,Cambodia, Laos and Timor Leste.


-- Pisanu in Nha Trang
18 July 2008


curbside puppet said...

I thought Maria Cristina Falls is the highest in the Philippines? I never thought we have a waterfalls that stands at 1100 feet tall! Thanks again for some new info!

curbside puppet said...

if i may add, i heard that khone falls in laos is the world's widest waterfalls??

is that the one you're talking about?

Anonymous said...

Aawwwww great post Pisanu! Loved this one. It reminded me of my childhood.


Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hi Curb, thanks for droppin' by. Yup you got it right. And Ma. Christina isn't the tallest in your country, it's way way down the list. But I gotta give it to you guys, that falls is spectacular. I've seen it in 2006. Have you?

Hello Pau...are you a new Pau or the Pau that's connected with the GLTB Org? I'm glad you liked my post. I love waterfalls too (but not as much as volcanoes =)

kiyoshi said...

what a beautiful site to behold!

Anonymous said...

I'm the latter not unless there's another one here single-white-femaling me. Ahihi. Well in this case, single-brown-femaling me is more like it. Pisanu why do you like volcanoes? I always thought they were the most romantic things on earth! Volcanic eruptions follow no rhyme nor reason but after the devastation the land around volcanoes becomes more fertile supporting life. *sigh* :P


eyron said...


then let's correct our geography books hehe, for all these years ma. christina is the tallest falls i've known

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Maria Cristina is 320 ft. More waterfalls are being RE-Discovered in Southern Philippines sharing the same landscape with Malaysia and Indonesia.

Hello from Laos!

curbside_puppet said...

Yep. I've been there to maria cristina! They've got several other falls within that area...
So, you guys really are in khone? Sweet! I also wanna see that falls together with victoria in africa and that one falls bordering argentina and brazil...
You almost got everything covered about southeast asian geography! What's left to cover? Total area of rice fields per country? Deepest seas? Wettest places? Most delicious southeast asian coffee? Longest mrt systems? Hmmm...there's lots more to cover i guess!

AdrenalineRush said...

Hey there... Thanks for all the info on some of these amazing waterfalls. I am interested in doing a kayaking expedition to Southeast Asia, specifically to the Philippines. We are interested in running waterfalls ranging from 50-100+ ft. We do this as a profession, and take it very seriously. I am posting on this forum to see if there is anyone who might be interested in supplying me with some information on these waterfalls, i.e. Are there more waterfalls nearby? And how many waterfalls are there in certain regions of the Philippines? As a kayaker, some of the more desirable drops are ones like the Aliwagwag as it looks as though there are most likely more "runnable" waterfalls on this section... From reading this thread I see you are all waterfall enthusiasts so I urge you to check out our website if you want to see people paddle down massive waterfalls... Thanks for your time and please contact me with any information! Thanks!


Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hi Rush! Thanks for droppin' by.

Kayaking, heh?! Cool!

I don't know how much infor you already know about the Mindanao Island. Especially in the North.

I have made extensive travels over there (and shook some rebels too!) and gathered what seems to be interesting enough for my readers.

Most waterfalls in Mindanao Island are poolbowled -- drops in a pool, flows through shallow rocks for kilometers, then to a river.

Navigable continous stream of water is rare.

But I'll ask around. There could be, but certainly not close to a waterfall.

Uhm...can I interest you with kayaking tips in Thailand? =) We got lots!

Anonymous said...

sorry for asking..acctually where do you get the informations about the heights? im doing my research about the tallest waterfall in southeast asia..hope you can help me.

rastarigo said...

great job! why not make a list of Widest Waterfalls in Southeast Asia? We have a candidate in the Philippines named "Tinuy-an Falls", also from Mindanao Island

Anonymous said...

I am a traveller in my country and I've been to many waterfalls...but those names (of waterfalls in PI) really sound alien to me...and probably to most other Pinoys. I was just wondering...Where did you get the nomenclature?

Anonymous said...

how about this one? people claimed it to be one of the highest in SEA too...

Lawrence Harvey said...

Your yellow lettering cannot be read

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