Monday, October 06, 2008

Southeast Asia's Newest Satellite in Orbit

While most of Southeast Asia was celebrating the Eid-ul-Fitr; Thailand was launching its first natural imaging satellite in Yasny, Russia.

The first and only imaging satellite in Southeast Asia was launched in 01 October 2008 (Wednesday) around 6:37pm by a Russian Dnepr rocket. It was successfully placed in parking orbit and for the first time [in 03 Oct] – orbited across the sky above the kingdom and took photos of the Big Mango! (Bangkok)

*I am eagerly awaiting the released photos! Argh! I can’t wait!*

Its name is THEOS -- a 715-kg satellite built by EADS for Thailand. It stands for THailand Earth Observation System.

And anytime now, will transmit images of world-wide geo-reference photos for environmental & coastal monitoring, forestry & flood risk management and track illicit drug plantation and trafficking. THEOS will provide access to any part of Thailand in less than 48 hours.

THEOS is fully owned, controlled and maintained by Thailand. Its control station is in Sri Racha manned by the Thai Space Agency GISTDA.

The Space Technology race in the region is in full swing! –

Bring it on, Indonesia! =)


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Curbside Puppet said...

wow! thailand's own google earth huh? the satellite looked like a gold nugget!

i have a feeling that it was also meant to man your country's reclusive neighbor.

i hope you won't charge us, your neighbors, for the use of your new bling bling!

Akhyari said...

Indonesia is (still) a satellite 'guru' in SEA. We had succesfully launched Indonesia's very own (made in indonesia) satellites, called LAPAN TUBSAT, and INASAT 1 in 2006 and 2007. Sorry to dissapoint you, dude :p

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Akhyari...I know, I know, Indonesia is still leading the race. But Thailand is catching up, eh?! =) The 2 Space Powers of SE Asia!

And I can't wait for 2010 when Thailand will launch satellites in Indonesia instead of Europe. Lovely thought!

@'s more on the "illicit drug" trade. And of course, to answer back to our giant neighbor Indonesia. Any answer from your village (Philippines) any time soon?

Oh! Don't answer that, Curb...we visited PAGASA the last time we were in your country (because there's no Space Agency) and I should say...they really need some serious help. Care to donate? =)

David M. said...

yeah, Pisanu. More on the illicit drug trade from Burma. Well, Curbside is right.

Curbside Puppet said...


trust me dude! we won't be having an answer to that unless the tycoons in the country would collaborate to make such a kick-a** space toy!
we might have the manpower and the brains. but the gadgets? nah.

Curbside Puppet said...

@the blog authors (and grant!),

your blog seriously needs more testosterone-filled posts like this!

Matthew Andrew said...

sadly, it might take a 100 years for the Philippines to establish a space agency. =[ and at that time, PASA or PSA will be an obsolete institution.

oh well. FILIPINOS! 2010 elections are a coming!
another critical moment in our rich history.
make it happen. =]

good job to the thais and indonesians.


TAO said...

Lets see, Thailand has an aircraft carrier so they can do search and rescue missions...and now they have a satelite so they can map flooding and drug trafficing...

Next it will be that all young men serve a tour of duty in the military to keep them out of the hands of the pedophiles....

Can't help but wonder if all these toys are nothing more than "penis envy" for a bunch of old fat generals....

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

AND...@ TAO...Thailand will reveal something in 5 years that the World will wonder: "What do they need that for?" AND make America coin another word for us BECAUSE "Axis of Evil" won't be appropriate.

Here's a consonant for a clue:


Would you like to buy a vowel? =)

TAO said...

Well, Pisanu go ahead and visit my blog:

I have filled it full of my true feelings about america and should LOVE it! :)

Would the "N" word be "nuclear"

Now, if Thailand can develop that in a way that allows them to create a true middle class I will be impressed! But if it is nothing more than a "penis envy" token then that leaves Thailand like North Korea and Pakistan!

Marco said...

Sorry guys but the Philippines was first to have a satellite in the orbit. It was launched last August 20, 1997 and its called AGILA or Eagle in English.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Marco...I'm fighting the urge to delete your comment. Because I'm afraid people will think you are...uhm...well,


Indonesia launched theirs in 1976 and 1977. Thailand launched in 1993, then Malayisa in 1996.

Then the one you're referring to as the 1st (is actually the 5th).

ken said...

ermmm indonesia has been years ago launch their satelit...i remember the indosat during my primary school

while msia 1st was measet primary use for astro tv

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