Saturday, November 01, 2008


Here's something for global investors and Real Estate moonies like me...

Forbes Magazine compiled a list of the World's 10 Next Great Cities a few days ago. And guess who made it?

Pffft! Not a clue? --

This list won't make it to BISEAN if at least one of our SEA Cities aren't mentioned!

Ok, ok, let's spill it...

Kuala Lumpur is at No.4 and Bangkok is at No. 9.

There. Take that!

While traditional World cities are suffering from economic slowdown, these 10 cities are blossoming and fast becoming to be the World's most important cities.

Read the full story here or view Forbes' slideshow here.


***Thanks to TAO for pointing this out =)


Jake Tornado said...

Wow! That's a good Forbes article to ponder on. Too bad, Manila's outsourcing business isn't completely immune from the current financial turmoil.

Curbside Puppet said...

wow! Congrats to KL and BKK! Of the two, i think BKK is more cosmopolitan. If only you guys drive on our side of the road, lol.

TAO said...

After YEARS of slaving away reseaching and sending links to you I finally made it to print! :)

My God, I might actually develop a little self esteem!

jack anino for dugong ATENISTA said...

congrats kuala lumpur and my favorite bankok, if i am not mistaken forbes have release a list similar to this kind in 2000 where in Manila along with Tapei and Singapore is included as one of the World's Megacities and fastest growing with great economic influence. well then if this is the case, no doubt manila and singapore is not inlucded, because they are already belong to a higher status. juz an info i wanna share

jack anino for dugong ATENISTA said...

juz want to correct it. . yeah, iv read the artcle, yes manila really didnt make it. . .so close. . whoah

Jake Tornado said...

Not even close dude. Manila is 45th while Jakarta is 42nd. The study conducted by Mastercard involved 7 dimensions and one of them is risk and security where Manila scored so low. But Manila belonged to Top 10 under the the dimension of commercial connectivity, but the city has a lot of catching up to do in other equally-important categories nonetheless. Congrats again to BKK and KL! :)

MischMensch said...

Coolness :) I am so very proud of KL :D

Erique Fat Owl said...

I do agree with the list, although to be totally honest, I don't see much difference between Bangkok, Jakarta, and Manila as I consider these 3 cities are somewhat in the same league (but KL and Singapore are of course not). Sure, Jakarta and Manila has more safety issues and Jakarta has the worst transportation infrastructure of the three, but in terms of living standard and quality, I don't see much difference between the three. I mean, there is practically nothing much that is available in one city but the other two don't have.

But you know me - the most important thing I look in a city is whether or not that city has a Siam Paragon, SM Mall of Asia, Grand Indonesia, Suria KLCC or Ngee Ann City, LOL.

(also note that each shopping centre I mentioned above has a Kinokuniya bookstore in them (except SM Mall of Asia), which is very important to me)

I've said this again and again - it's all 'bout the malls.

ken said...

i think the main prob with kl are the public transpot n crime increasing nowadays

lrt/commuter always late,overcapacity n malfunction. trafic jammed n less parking spaces

crimes ermmm no comment

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