Saturday, November 15, 2008


*2nd of the series of the Top 10 Surf Sites in Southeast Asia.

There are 27 surf sites in the Philippines known to the surfing circuit – 18 in the North & Southeast (of Luzon Island) and 9 in the Southeast (off Mindanao coast). The best and the most famous of which are in the latter.

As the Philippines is a relatively new surfing destination, surf shops are quite rare. It is imperative that you bring your own provisions. One thing you have to know, waves in the Philippines are fickle and almost absolutely dependent on typhoons.

This list is subject to 25 seasoned surfers surveyed exclusively for BISEAN. Actual visits from 02 May to 25 July 2008. Total surf sites visited: 27. Here are the Best 10 Surf Sites the Philippines has to offer:

1. Rock Island (off Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte) Right reef-rocky. Come August to November and you'll know why this is the Philippine's No.1. For Kamikaze surfers only; meaning surfers looking for "scenic backdrops" should go somewhere else. This list is about surfing.

2. Cloud 9 (Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte) This site is mostly on top of everyone else's list especially the capitalists of the island. The "too-much-trying" crowd pulls it down a notch for the BISEANers.

3. The Majestics @ Puraran Bay (Baras, Catanduanes) Awesome long-barrel waves. September is the prime month. Crystal clear waters. If the Puraranese would hire PR people, they can easily be on the Top 1.

4. D-Land (Labo, Ilocos Norte) Also known as the Labo Surf Spot. Right reef-coral. 150-300m waves on a good day. Experienced surfers only. 6 hours bus ride from Manila.

5. The Boneyards (Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte) Beach-break, left & right. You have to find the surf sites your self. No local tourist assistance. Find Blue Lagoon. Ask other surfing dudes at the bus terminal. It's quite hard to make directions on this blog. Smile and ask. Period.

6. Crystal Beach Break (Zambales) Standard waves left & right, beach-break. 300-500m long with 5m swells on a good day. Crystal Beach Resort +63.47.913.4309 Cool and friendly people! 3 hours drive from Manila.

7. Twin Rocks (Catanduanes Island, Luzon) Reef-coral, left & right, 50-150m waves with 3-4m swells. What makes this on the list is the frequency of waves.

8. Sabang (Cabugao, Ilocos Sur) Reef-Rocky, right. 100-150m waves with 5m swells. Experienced surfers only.

9. Paradise (Siargao Island) Reef-coral, left & right. Power, power, power! This site can be all to yourself on certain days meaning; No hyenas chuckling when you fall off.

10. Daku Island (Siargao Island) Right & Left, reef-rocky. Very long waves! For experienced surfers only. Siargao Island is your best bet. 9 surf sites of the Philippine's 27 are located here.

Beginners should try San Juan (La Union), Urbiztondo Beach or Llorente. All in the North.

Happy Surfing and Mabuhay!


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Roman Paul said...

any entry from batanes?

Anonymous said...

i really hope a surfing beach culture will develop in the pearl of the orient. will drive tourism in the second largest archipelago.

i love surfing there. =D

xhane lee said...

May i know what's your assesment for calicoan island?
salamat po

Curbside Puppet said...

how come you haven't come up with pictures for this post?

the donG said...

thanks for sharing this. we're actually planning to try surfing. i am also scheduled to be in siargao next year.

PUSANG-gala said...

you know more than me on this one.keke. Thanks for this info Bisean-----

BTW---can you feature TRAVIS Kraft here in your blog? His, Fil-American.

thanks again.....

Anonymous said...

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ohmski said...

I think there should be an entry from Bagasbas, Camarines Norte and Baler in Aurora.

John Shoresurf said...

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Mehdi Burgis said...

Philippines really has beautiful surfing spots and it's really fun there. I really love to see more of the surfing spots, or just being there.

Please see for surfing gears.

Anonymous said...

On your list of top 10 surfing spots in the PhPines You need to correct entry #4) D-land : The town of "Labo" is not in Ilocos Norte province but Camarines Norte - which is very far from Ilocos Norte - at least 200 kilometers. A lot of webcats copying off your website have listed Labo in Ilocos because of this error.

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