Saturday, December 20, 2008

CHINLONE: Burma's National Sport

BISEAN previously featured our region's National Sports. It was a round up of our neighboring village's cool games.

We mentioned that Chinlone was the most beautiful game -- non-competitive, graceful and everything nice. See for yourselves...

Cool! See what we mean? =)



Allen said...

oh my god. this is way better than sepak takraw. Did you see how graceful they are with it? It's sooo nice! How do they do it so fast?

I wanna try it!!!

eyron said...

i think it is graceful because it is not competitive sport where, elegance and artistic movements are key points, unlike sepak takraw which you must beat the other team to win.

if we can create sepak takraw, let's also create a synchronise chinlone, hehe...

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