Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Welcome to my hometown -- The abode of my family and the realm of my ancestors.

1. Ayutthaya was the capital of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, a Thai kingdom existed from 1350 to 1767 AD.

2. It was one the most powerful kingdom the world has ever seen. Its territory included a huge part of Burma, the Lanna Kingdom, the Yunnan & Shan Sri Provices of China, the whole of Laos, the whole of Cambodia, South Vietnam and all of Malaya.

3. The City of Ayutthaya’s population was well over a million people in the mid-17th century while London had barely half of it.

4. The ambassador of King Louis XIV of France compared the size and wealth of Ayutthaya to Paris in the 1600s. King Narai of Ayutthaya had close ties with the French king sending each other gifts regulary.

5. Its name was derived from Ayodhya in Northern India. The city of Rama, the hero of the Hindu epic Ramayana.

6. The ancient city lies in an island where 3 rivers meetthe Chao Phraya, Lopburi and Passak Rivers. It can be reached from Bangkok through the great Chao Phraya River.

7. Ayutthaya is a World Heritage Site. So, it means the whole city is protected. Ancient ruins like the Royal Palace and a handful of majestic temples are all that is left but – it’s like a time capsule back in ancient Siam.

8. The ancient city is best explored on foot or a bicycle. It is quiet, it is relaxing and good exercise too. The northwest of the city is where most of the ruins are.

9. Ayutthaya is the only place in Thailand without standard written Romanticized form. You may find it written differently around Thailand – Ayuthaya, Ayodhya, etc. But no matter how it is spelled, it is pronounced as /Ah-yoo-tuh-yah/.

10. Ayutthaya is just an hour away from Bangkok. Take a cab or the bus at Morchit Station.

We are waiting for you.



Curbside Puppet said...

always proud to represent huh? well, who wouldn't be if all will be like you?

Mac Callister said...

thailand is first on my list when i will have a chance to travel,i love those ancient kingdoms and buildings its like going back in time

Fable Frog said...

went there just last year! Though it's pretty much ruined now~ but i can still imagine how GRAND it used to be!

TAO said...

I was there 25 years ago...which means that Pisanu was what all of 2 years old? :)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

It was deserted the day I was there and it was as if no one really knew where it was or if it existed at all.

Happy New Years!

Jake said...

Expect me there soon! :)

Simply Manila / Pinoy Hotties said...

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Jigoku Shonen said...

I always saw it, on movies, and even in the game, It's really wonderful and beautiful, I wish I could go there^^

Anonymous said...

Do you still live in Ayutthaya? I visit there every year with my husband, also a native son. While I love my in-laws dearly after a couple of days, as a farang, I am more than a little bored. I am not looking for anything skanky, but having someone to chat with would be nice. Dan from Washington DC. contact dandc01 at email address hot mail.

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