Saturday, January 17, 2009


Whether we admit it or not, our lives directly or indirectly revolve around electricity. Power from oil, coal, nuclear, underground heat that all converted to, you got it -- electricity.

All these sources are limited. C’mon! It’s a no brainer! And smart/ingenious/inventive/crazy people are kicking high and low searching for new energy source.

Here’s my say.

Fitness gyms.

Our cities are full of it! Bangkok alone has more than 500 registered fitness gyms. KL got heaps, Manila has tons, Jakarta got loads and just imagine in Hanoi, Saigon and all around the region.

What if – those gym equipments are fitted with energy conversion thingies? THAT WOULD BE INTENSE!

Imagine how much energy could be generated from gym bunnies and iron pumping aficionados!

Fitness gyms can be energy self-sufficient! That would be cool!

Let’s think BIG – governments can set up Public Mega Gyms to generate power for the city. Better yet, set it all up in prisons and let them exercise 24/7 as punishment. *lol*

It’s a win-win situation, really – clean energy for the country and fit & buff citizens. Just imagine how much human energy is wasted in fitness gyms.

Fitness gym equipments + energy conversion apparatus + free workouts + people = clean energy.

Whaddya think?


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Roman Paul, RP said...

such a creative mind you have but better focus to what is available to us...

>>> At least, the Philippines is a leader in geothermal and steam technology along with USA and Iceland.. plus, PGMA recently inaugurated a Methane-powered Plant in Rizal.. these green technologies must be developed, right?

>>> i just remembered the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant... Imagine, we paid billion of dollars but didn't produce even a single volt... cost of reviving it is more than enough to built another one...

Matthew Andrew said...

send it to the press!

Allen Yuarata said...

Haha! works like a dynamo, eh?

or hamsters on hamster wheels, perhaps. haha

gus said...

it is a very good idea. they already use this technology in some gyms in the U.S. the energy produced by the clients are used to power the lights and audio/video equipments in the gyms.

Curbside Puppet said...

let me see it happen on singapore first.

Jigoku Shonen said...

What a very brilliant idea^_^

jonathan said...

Hey, been lurking for some months now.

Funny, but Pisanu, I actually saw a something of that sort here in a local TV program in Japan during something like a local green or earth day holiday here. Some volunteers were sweating it out on stationary bicycles which were used to generate electricity and probably charge an electric storage equipment in that village.

The host of the show was interviewing these people while they worked out. Haha. That said, I think it is possible!

Incidentally, I think working out in a gym is somewhat cyclically counter-productive overall. Okay this may seem strange, but it is paradoxical to pay for gym fees to sweat your stored energies (in the form of fat) which you were able to store in the first place because of paying for equipment that saved you the effort which ( to complete the cycle/paradox) would have burned these stored energy. Haha. Its just that we end up paying to gain fat and then paying again to lose it.

Okay I'm a bit strange. So I'll stop.

jonathan said...

If we at least capture some of this energy, then the whole activity becomes more valuable.

No offense to gym rats. Hehe.

MischMensch said...

I totally agree! Such a smart idea

Roman Paul, RP said...

hey pisanu, pimping your way on oslo?

eyron said...

very clever using the physics law of conservation of energy but this will generate only small amount of electricity

let try to focus on long term solutions hehe

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