Thursday, January 08, 2009

Grand-Scale Landscape Architecture Masterpiece

Everything is brand new, everything is in its’ proper places… clean, crisp, well-planned, well-manicured, well-kept and everything “well-“. Yeah, that’s Putrajaya -- Malaysia’s Administrative Capital.

Oi! Don’t get me wrong! Not that there’s anything wrong with it but we gotta understand this city was built almost overnight *that’s figure of speech for those who are planning to appeal, ok?* and the city is just barely 13 years old!

I had the chance to stay longer than most tourist in this uhmm…”beautiful” is an understatement really, so let’s use the adjective “ostentatious”. There, take that! Majestic, extravagant, grandiose, ritzy and why not?!!! -- They can afford it!

I met a couple of new friends who lives here (Airry, Fitri, Aidil, Moris…terima kasih n***!) and I really did get to closely observe what’s around. Putrajaya is the nook of well-heeled yuppies working for the government and their fabulous friends.

Though some may think it’s just another “showcase city”, Putrajaya is the heart of Malaysia a brand new heart for a country in a hurry. Impressive government buildings, 9 art-deco bridges over artificial lakes, pricey residential blocks, 5-star hotels and don’t forget the centrepiece – the Office of the Prime Minister.

The city has a mall (yes, in singular form) called Alamanda. Do some shopping here if you haven't yet in KL. Or visit the city's 5 Squares; Dataran Gemilang, Dataran Putra, Dataran Putrajaya, Dataran Rakyat and Dataran Wawasan.

What's in a name? Putrajaya was named after the country's first Prime Minister Abdul Rahman Putra (nope, not related to Paula). "Putra" means son/prince and "Jaya" means success.

Tourists come here on day-trips -- Highly recommended destination for those who love Islamic arts & architecture. But let me warn you if you will come on a budget; public transpo here is inadequate. Get a rental car if you don't fancy walking for miles.

How to get here. The fastest and most convenient way is by KLIA Transit (rail) from Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station. Single journey ticket costs 9.50 Ringgit. A cab trip from KL would cost around 40-50 Ringgit, that is if you can "hypnotize" the cab driver to use the meter. The best way is to ask around for organized tours.

BISEAN would feature Putrajaya's most interesting buildings on our coming posts. Here's the city's official website and community portal if you wanna find out more.



moris@putrajaya said...

i was amaze with the post
thanks again for mentioning our names
we really hope that u've enjoyed ur stay..
u still owe me another cigarette session..LOL

to the citizen of the come n visit putrajaya


airry said...

Oh My God..
To people of the world and BISEAN-mania ...hi everyone....this new buddy of mine is somethin'....he observed evertythin' and really everythin' okay....well if moris a session of "cloudy air" mine wud be the thai cuisine delight ...a promise is a promise!!!!! C u tonite...cheers.

Roman Paul, RP said...

if the whole Malacanang Palace Complex will be transfered from heavily congested Metro Manila into a well-appointed place, where would that be?

if Charter Change will push through, Manila will still be the administrative capital (same as DC, Delhi, Bern and Putra Jaya). Cebu will be the legislative capital (congress will be transfered here) and Davao (or CDO) will be the judiciary capital..

the whole (Federal)Republic of the Philippines will be represented...

Allen Yuarata said...

The Philippines' Quezon City would've been like this, until Pres.Marcos brought the capital back to crowded Manila. Now, QC looks like rubbish.

I love the bridge on the pic. So grand. Way to go Malaysia!

Allen Yuarata said...

Roman Paul, spreading the government in the entire archipelago would just make things worse. We already have a hard time transferring goods from island to island, what more with official transactions? Look at what happened to the 2005 SEA Games. The country may be well represented but the visitors had a hard time going to the venues. If you want the government to transfer to somewhere else, let it be in one city alone.

Just like Putra Jaya, DC, Delhi, etc.

Curbside Puppet said...

i was gonna ask about the meaning of "putra" cos i know "jaya" means "success".

i forgot that KL's no longer the seat of malaysian government. thanks for your post!

eyron said...

i think most of the admistrative capital now are well planned, and i think the first one to build and plan is the city of brasilia in brazil

just a thought, if asean will built an administrative capital where can we built it? well, the asean secretariat is in jakarta. but as asean progresses we need asean city that will house the different offices

Roman Paul, RP said...

one of sen. pimentel's proposals is to make the philippines like south africa. three goverment branches are scattered throughout the land. he wants the people of far flung areas of vismin feel that they need to get involve on important matters...

Allen Yuarata said...

But South Africa is not an archipelago. Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg are just reachable by land. what pimentel should do is develop transportation and communication more. I go for Clark or Cebu as a future sit for capital.

just my opinion.

Akhyari said...

I think, Putrajaya is (just) ok in terms of architecture, compared to some massive infrastructure project in indonesia and (even) cambodia). I admire it personally tough. In cambodia, i can say that Grand Phnom Penh Int'l city is better, also CAMKO city. In indonesia, Senayan Archipelago is a masterpiece in architecture, also REGATTA JAKARTA.

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