Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MEET OUR NEW SONGBIRD: The Bare-Faced Bulbul

Ha! Our good neighbor Laos has revealed yet another new specie of song birds -- this is the Bare-Faced Bulbul -- only found among the tower-like limestones of the jungles of Savannakhet Province. It is the only known "bald" song birds in Mainland Asia.

It was discovered by Aussie scientists in December 2008 and published in Forktail in July 2009. These birds were noisily foraging around the camp, obviously haven't seen humans before.

How can a very odd creature with distinct features evade humans for centuries? Amazing! Well, maybe because the BFB's habitat is legally protected in Laos and is mainly harsh and inhabitable.

The Bare-Faced Bulbul's official name is Pycnonotus hualon. It is the 138th addition of the world's 137 listed species of Bulbuls. Bulbul maybe derived from the Turkish word "bulbul" which means "nightingale". And no, the Filipino word for "pubic hair" is of a different spelling so don't go smart a** with me =). Ha!

Although our region is faced with seemingly hopeless, endless string of endangered species; BISEAN cheer and celebrate this new discovery!

Thank you, Laos.



Jerick (the former Curbside Puppet) said...

that new discovery is like a breath of fresh air. and yeah, i first thought of pubes when i got to read the name of the bird. lol!

eyronn said...

i think southeast asia produced new species every year. last year new fauna were discovered in indonesia, philippines and in mekong river region

Matthew Andrew said...

i thought it was a blog about regine velasquez when i saw the title. LOL. what a pretty bird.

Jigoku Shonen said...

Best reason why I like this blog, is that they are featuring animals specially those who are endemic here on asia,really love animals hehe...

and yeah,I also thought of pubes when i first saw the topic in my dashboard wahaha...

alinka said...

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