Sunday, September 19, 2010

OUR TREASURES: Marina Bay Sands | Singapore

Singapore has a new iconic landmark to the tune of US$ 5.7 Billion!

The Marina Bay Sands opened last 23 June 2010 and boasts the Skypark cantileverd atop the 3 buildings. I don't know about you but this has got to one of the most spectacular architecture the world has ever seen.

The 3 towers has 55 floors each, total of 2,560 hotel rooms, casino halls, The Shoppes mall and all amenities of a mini-city.

The view from the snake bridge in Marina Bay.

This is the world's largest Infinity Pool; 650 ft above.

The top view of the casino.

How to get there: Get off Promenade MRT Station and follow the signs.
It's just a few minutes walk. Or just keep walking, this landmark can be seen
anywhere where the tourists ply.




Daucus Sebastian Isaac said...

Grande y hermosa!!! The most magnificent building in the region.(just my opinion).Gonna go there in February,.;)

Jerick said...

i really have to visit that place one of these days! haha!

Jake said...

Wow! So National Geo and Discovery Channel were not exaggerating at all.

I bet a single night in a suite will cost my entire month's salary LOL!


danyhael said...

That is very beautiful. I wish I have $2,000 so I could visit Singapore... :'(

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Yup, it could be very costly! =)

danyhael said...

well, i'm poor so maybe i could go there in my dreams. :D

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