Saturday, October 02, 2010

Ciggie Boxes in Singapore

Singapore followed Thailand's anti-smoking campaign (since 2004) and came up with their set of collector's item cigarette boxes!

What they don't realize is that the price itself was scary enough.


Jerick said...

judging from the pictures, it's still huffing and puffing from singaporean smokers.

Anonymous said...


a.jones said...

..River,are you still smoking??..
in Indonesia,the opposite image were on the ciggy boxes.. fast cars.. hip jokes..

anyway.. i really enjoy reading blog, i don't usually comments n stuff..but i even make my own blog so that i can comment here..
and i hope u guys got more hit,coz i'm sharing the link on almost all my friends page at FB..

oh,by the way.. salam kenal dari Indonesia,


River,reads about your rants makes me curious to see you, in my mind, you're kinda SE version of Chuck Bass.. ;)

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hello, a.jones... how should we call you?

Anyways, we're glad you liked our blog. And thanks for the first comment from you.

LOL! Chuck Bass? I actually asked my sister who he is! Haha! Really? He reminds you of me?

a.jones said...

well River,you may call me Elsa..

haha.. reads your rants further, n you're like chuck bass minus the work load,more charities.. and more lover may be.. ^^,

hope to see you someday..

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