Sunday, November 07, 2010

BINAN, LAGUNA: Money Over Heritage

As of press time, the fate of the historical Alberto House has been decided over by the hypocritical Mayor of Biñan, Laguna.

The same mayor who, with all opulence and style, rides a private bus to BF Homes - a posh area miles away from the town (now city) she RULES over. This woman is your new Imelda-in-waiting.

You see, the historical house stands on a (now) prime commercial land. Mayor Len Alonte got her share of the loot and was paid millions by her brother-in-law to shut her mouth over the demolition. This is a fact.

The Alberto House belongs to the mother of The Great Jose Rizal. It was mentioned in national history books and in the personal annals of the Great Man himself.

Filipino bloggers, show your country that you blog with a purpose. Make yourselves heard and spread this news to pressure the local government of Biñan, Laguna and that seemingly-nice-crocodile Mayor Len Alonte.



Jerick said...

i'll try to research more regarding this issue pisanu.

Jake said...

It's all over the news,Jerick. I thought the city council had already legally prevented the house's uprooting to be delivered to some "tourist site" somewhere in Bataan owned by this mogul who has a fetish for Spanish-era houses.

Sad for a country who has been struggling really hard to preserve what was left of its past and for a people who desperately aspire for their genuine cultural identity.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

I follow Laguna politics very closely. My research about the true identity of Rizal is not over yet.

choled said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
choled said...

im from indonesia, i like to being around your website, thanks alot for sharing asean nation history :)

Mnason said...

Pisanu, Where art thou?

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