Monday, March 12, 2012

The Intersection


Jerick said...

this is one thing that we miss here in the philippines. we don't have any land borders.

nayr said...

no wonder why these 3 countries are so similar in terms of culture,food,architecture,accent & many more since they are just a few steps apart from each other.unlike the philippines w/c is so fragmented & isolated from the rest of southeast asia,it didn't even have a chance to unified its diverse people in terms of culture,language,art/architecture,
religion, etc.,since each & every islands of this country have been separated by a vast ocean or sea.but in spite of these all,we do still get involve w/ the territorial dispute in the spratly islands against china & vietnam! gyera na to!! joke!

but anyway,going back to those 3 beautifull countries of thailand,myanmar & laos, i hope that someday, I could visit there!

Mnason Oanes said...

I've always thought that geography plays a big part in the divisiveness of one country not just physically(of course)but culturally and linguistically. Case in point, my very own Philippines. Our divisiveness as a people is somewhat juxtaposed to our very own geography. My point? Why we can't we all get along like our neighbors do.

On topic, there's also something that's similar in South America that I've read. Just can't find (or remember)which three countries they were.

Hijjaz said...

Reminding us of Amazon river bank of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay :)

ASEAN has its own way of exotic point

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