Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Curiosity kicked in. Brows are frowning. You got an idea but you still wanna know what the heck this blog is about. I have a choice to let you all keep guessing. But what the it is.

I always wanted to blog. I planned it a year ago. But what in the world would I blog about? About me? -- I'm not that interesting (I think) -- I'm tryig to be modest here and don't wanna toot my own horn (yet) but hey, I got more than 10,000 friends on MySpace. How's that? Huh!
Shall I blog about...huh?....wha'?

Ok! Ok! Enough running around. This blog is mainly about the silent minority in the LGTB. GLBT, BTLG or however you want to arrange those four beautiful letters. For people who's been to Mars for the last 5 years, LGTB stands for Lesbian, Gay, Transexual (is it? or Tranvestite?) and Bisexuals. I belong to the "B". And fucking proud of it! See our flag fly!

This blog is also about everything South East Asian. Again, for those people who's been to Mars (and Venus) for the past 50 years -- South East Asia is....well, in Asia. In the Southeastern corner of it! Take that! This is where I live -- paradise!

The ASEAN or the Association of South East Asian Nations is the main place of this blog. They are the countries of (in alphabetical order -- I don't want to offend anyone) -- Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

I will blog everything from cool places to hang out.... to hot places to display yourself and be everything hip and what's new... to food, to culture and of course, SEX! Do you think I don't know that sex sells? The top blogs around the net are full of pictures of naked men, women and ...uhhh...dogs. You'll be seeing a lot of 'em here to keep you all coming back. But no pornography, sorry. Well, that's the plan.

This blog would also showcase EURASIANS. People like me. Mix-blood people who came from Southeast Asia. Yours truly, Pisanu is Thai-Belgian. :-)

Without much further ado...this is Bi.S.E.A.N.....Bisexual (or Biracial) South East Asian Nations!

SELAMAT DATANG * Sawasdee * MABUHAY * Chào mừng bạn * SABAI DEE


gorjess said...

welcome to the blogsphere sorrry its sooo late.

Jake Tornado said...

Hehehe...this may be a little off but I want to leave my mark on the first ever post in this great by the time BiSEAN celebrates its first year this coming March 28 and goes back to its first post...I will be there! Hehehe...Hey Pisanu! Care to throw a grand anniversary party in Bangkok? We'll all come!

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