Saturday, April 28, 2007

WHASSUP: Fuck Modesty! My Blog is One Month Old!

This is NOT a day for modesty. No, siree! I will toot my own horn as loud as I want, lift my own chair as high as I could and I'm not gonna show even a hint of humility because this is a special day!

Exactly 30 days ago on the 28th of March...this River blogged like hell. I posted like more than 5 entries on that crazy day and did a very aggressive "Hey-dude!-I-checked-out-your-blog-so-fucken'-check-me-out-too!" campaign. It seems like just last week. Has it been really a month already? Whew!

Anyway, these are my 10 THINGS TO SHOW OFF after a month of blogging. The very firsts and the very best...and a little revelation, so look at the pics closely…

Don't ask me where I got these numbers because I ain't got any clue.

But there it is! A whopping 9,945 hits in 30 days! Fucken out!

Did they really pass by here? Where are the comments? Shikes!

I feel like I'm being raped everyday...they come and go, ravage my articles, peek on my life and leave without even saying hi. HA!

My most visited entry that came from Google are these two articles. The Tallest Buildings in SE Asia and Summer in Paradise which I wrote on the very first day.

From Google? Must be those kids doing their homework! Ha! Promise, I would NEVER turn this blog into a pornographic site! Take that!

Wait a sec, why didn't those kids leave any comments? Oh those ingrates! Most visited but no comments? Ha!

The very first comment ever, came from the man himself! Coach Patrick Ribbsaeter! Yahooo! I kept waiting and waiting for the first comment till dark and then it came on the very first day! Cool!

Thanks Coach for the daily inspirations...well, let's put it "weekly" because you don't update your blog much lately. Busy?

Long live the Eurasians!
Universal Player forever!

The very first shout out came 4 days later on 1 April from Bjarne!

I can't reiterate enough to all you readers out there the importance of a little hi when you come to a blog!

You want more? Say hi! Or were you guys just here for the fucken eye candies?

Hei! Venn Bjarne! Hva skjer? Du er veldig snill. Ser deg senare!

Skol for Norway!

My very first blog to blog link up is from a blog in the Philippines called Misterhubs. It's authored by a cool dude called...well...Misterhubs! Haha!

This blog got lots of things I enjoy reading. Photos not too vulgar. A real thinking blogger. But enough about him, this is my special day! LOL

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

And my very first non-blog link came on 8 April with my bro' in Morocco --DJ Jocker!

It's my blogs North African debut too and I gathered a lot of French speaking friends through the process.

DJ Jocker -- you rock!

Vive Maroc!

Now, this is interesting!

My very first indecent proposal came on 13 April from a girl in the Philippines!

I thought she was just being friendly but this first letter and the succeeding letters is a classic!

And of course my very first indecent proposal from a dude! LOL. I somehow saw it coming too.

This came on 17 April and it did'nt stop here. More came and all I can do is just ignore most of them.

Hey! You think I'm that easy? Send me a photo first and then we'll talk. And oh by the way...I fuck on the first date. I hope you don't mind. Hahaha! Seriously.

I guess these proposals started on the day I posted my naked pics here! Yeah, maybe that's it! I was playing around with my blog and thought of posting my not so decent photos, which I did, to up my numbers. I gues you all missed it except for some. I took it down after an hour! Boo-hoo!

My blog's South American debut was on 20 April. And I landed straight to No.6 in the whole of Peru!
This is also connected to all the Spanish speaking countries in Latin America.

Hello to all my friends in Peru, Argentina and the Potuguese-speaking friends in Brasil!

Se lo agradable mucho!

And of course, how can I forget the blog who referred 263 visitors to me on 24 April?

I got 945 hits that day and the referral helped lot!

So there guys! My secret is out. I pimp myself all over the Internet! LOL.

Thank you Dave for that day! And as I said... I consider you as the true high priest of Philippine Gay Blogging. I visit everyday and I get a lot of input on blogging. You are original, witty and cool.

Ok, enough sucking up! LOL

So, did you see the revelation? If you did, email me. If not, go back.

So there you go guys! My blog's achievements in 1 month and I did most of the fucken work! There! Take that!

Seriously, I would normally thank all the guys who has been with me on my blog in the past 30 days. Yeah, I should thank you here right here, right now....


I'm off to Narcissus to party, it's already 11pm and I'm late! I need sex!

I'll see you all later.




Félicitations! I see your plans for world domination are well under way. Keep it up :-)


... and have I told you that visiting Bi.S.E.A.N has become a daily and enjoyable routine for me? Ok, now you know.

PS. Why don't I get indecent proposals from my visitors? I'm jealous. :-)

Miong21 said...

wow! congratulations dude! woah! i didn't get that much during my first month though.

rock on! :Þ

Bjarne of Norway said...

Hej River Vær så god! Gratulrerer.
Hvordan har du det? Jeg liker du blog!

Jeg har lyst til å besøke Thailand en dag.Jeg liker det veldig godt! Jeg trenger å øve på engelsken min. Min engelsken er dårlig.

Gratulrerer.Si hei til Morgan for meg.

Hiroki サン said...

お祝い。私は日本語に書かれるもことをblog 有名な世界であり、私が望むことを望む。私はBi.S.E.A.N. を愛する!

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