Saturday, May 12, 2007


Bonjour everybody! This is Sofia Dansk. I'm sure you've seen my name posted on this blog sometimes. I will be your blogger for the coming days until Pisanu is back from a trip to Europe. But I think he is going to post entries by mobile phone. Let's see.

Let me set parameter first before doing anything else; English is not my mother tongue, I speak Thai, Danish and French. So grammar police and spelling checkers must refrain themselves. Secondly, there will be no pornography here (as much as I would like to) as a rule by the original owner of this blog. Third, no four letter words or hate words. Fourth, please the Filipinos and the Malaysians. Fifth, woo the Singaporeans and Indonesians to come here. So many reminders that Pisanu sent me.

Whatever. I will post whatever I want even though Pisanu has more than 30 articles in his draft. I do not care. I've been posting here before but not my ideas. Let's play a little game of messing Pisanu's blog. So, I'll start with something he hates a lot...EUROVISION!

This year it's held in Finland. And I want to place my bet before the show starts it is;

Verka Serduchka, the drag queen from Ukrainia will almost definitely bag the prize tonight at 8pm GMT. This chanteuse is very controversial even before being sent to the Eurovision.

Eurovision being the largest circus show in the world, Verka won't have a hard time winning.

My second choice is the lesbian from Slovenia, Maria Serifovic! Bisexuals has been winning this contest for ages, so let's give others a chance. Besides, the bi-group from Sweden, The Ark, isn't really making news ANd their song entry is so-so. Nevertheless, GLTB power!

My Denmark only made it ot the semi finals.

Remember Dana International in 1998? The first tranny to win the Eurovision. She is from Israel and now a superstar in the dance music circuit.

Anyone of you knew that Celine Dion used to be a contestant here? She represented Switzerland in the Jurassic Period millions of years ago. And of course, she lost.

Eurovision is here to stay. A strong European tradition.

I'm sure Pisanu, a hard-core South East Asia promoter would love to have a contest like this between the countries in our region. Since it's a text voting contest, we all know who is going to win each and every year eh? Jajajajaja. No, but seriously, Eurovision has their way of counting votes for fairness. Visit their website to know about this at

Au revoir!


Morgan said...

Hey Sofia! You too? A fokken blogger? Hahahahaha! This is so lame! Joking. Hey! Let's go out tonight!

Bjarne said...

I see we got a new writer on this blog. Hello Sofia. I'm catching the Eurovision tonight too. My bet is on another coutry. Let's see who bags the prize.

Googoosh said...

Sofia!!!!!! Remember me? :-)

annQ said...

hey sofia... i'm from the philippines and in no way can catch the eurovision live tonight... i'm sad... i wish sweden would win.. but for correction... celine dion did win the contest in 1986 or somewhere there...and also, abba won the contest in 1984. :)

Hanifa said...

Who will win in each and every year? Of course it's Indonesia.

Sofia Dansk said...

I stand corrected AnnQ...ja, Celine won for Switzerland but it's in 1988. And Abba won adecade ealier than what you said...1974.

Bookies changed their ranking on the last minute. Sweden is one of the possible winners baby!!!!!

Honey, is there by chance you're a Eurasian too?

Mariani said...

There was actually one similar contest like this in SE Asia. It's called ABU Golden Kite Song Festival but I don't know what happened to it.

Mischa said...

Hello Sofia, when is River coming back to Thailand?

Baklang AJ said...

hello sofia! great job in "messing River's blog!" hahaha

Cassie said...

Are you River Pisanu's girlfriend? Why did he give you the right to blog here?

MischMensch said...

Celine Dion is not Swiss! She's from Quebec! or is it? Hmmm ich weiss nicht...

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