Friday, July 27, 2007


As you may already know, BISEAN is a contributor to the newly formed bloc of Southeast Asian bloggers called United SEA. It aims to unify the budding bloggers of our region and possibly arrest what the blogosphere has become.

It's a commendable act. Many pledged support but the blog, on it's initial launch, isn't sizzling very much mainly because of the lack of posts. I just thought that a blog with more than 10 contributors would fill our thoughts, invoke sentiments and entertain with lots of posts.

But we here at BISEAN will not give up on it. We pledged support and we Thais do keep our word.

We recently posted a short article there, kindly go through it and if possible, leave a response. We would appreciate it very much.



jessekuma said...

ello! ello! ello!..I checked the site, read your contribution and all I could say is:

Oh look! The Filipinos are arguing among themselves already !!!

LOL !!! Hey I should know I am a Filo too !!!

The blog sounds good in principle...Very temptin for lazy buggers like myself who can't maintain their own blog to join in. But after reading the blog I told myself that I will only join if you get enough contributors from other ASEAN countries to start regularly posting articles.

At the moment it is heavily represented by Filipino bloggers. Where's the United SEA in that? Why don't you invite IM SANNE to contibute?

O hope all is not lost! Last time I logged in there was someone from Vietnam visitin.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

OHMIGAHD JESSE! You won't believe the hula-baloo that just happened there. I'll email you the story. It's not safe here. :-)

Dan Gabriel said...

what hula-baloo? i agree with jessekuma. i was under the impression that most SEA countries were represented.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hi Dan...that hula-baloo got an email add? I cant talk about it here.

United SEA is NOT well represented by other ASEAN countries. Contributor's last count is 8 Philippines, 1 Indonesia and 1 Thailand.

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