Sunday, July 08, 2007

That Bitch!

Faen! It’s been a long time since I really wrote here. All I do is post, post, post what’s on Pisanu’s draft. So here’s a small thought. By the way, don’t expect any post from Morgan. All he do is scrub us [that scrub] and go with the ride. He doesn’t want to write anything! Grrrrrrr….!

Our 3 day Cebu trip was so relaxed and refreshing. And this is to thank those friendly Fililpino staff at the Shangri-La. Thanks guys for a very relaxing weekend. I would definitely be back there to see those hundred girls in bikini where Pisanu and Morgan went. They didn’t tell me the details. Oh those animals! But they told me about those gorgeous local men they met. Apparently, they are local celebrities – but I won’t believe them till they show me some proofs.

We are on our way to KL now and guess what? -- Arlyn is in town!!!Pisanu’s 3rd ex-wife. I hate, hate, hate, and hate that bitch! All she does is hurt Pisanu. I guess he will be busy for the next few days and console myself with more shopping. So I hope you guys will still be reading the blog even if it’s me whose writing alone. I really want to hear from you guys about my posts, not just Pisanu’s. If you want details about Pisanu’s life…ask me. I hold the password of this blog now and Pisanu won’t be able to delete anything.

Now that “that” woman will be around for the next few days – I’ll sharpen my nails [just in case].



aries said...

oh nice that u found it relaxing and refreshing here... if shopping won't be enough to console u, ur always welcome here...

Daghang Salamat sa inyong pagbisita sa Cebu!

conan_cat said...

ehh, did i hear someone say coming to kl?? KL!! there's where I am! yay!! :D and how come there're no pics on cebu, hmm? :P


So why is Arlyn such a bitch? Details! Details! Hehe. :-)

Jeff said...

Don't forget to sharpen you toes's nail [just in case]

Sofia for BISEAN said...

Conan... we always come to KL. Pisanu got a loft around Bukit Bintang at 38 Bidara. You familiar?

Aries... thank you too. Pisanu always mention your blog to the group. I think he got a new crush. Hahahahaha.

Misterhubs...oh, you just wrote in an email, yeah? Thanks. ARLYN? Fokken out. She left my friend for another man and took almost half of my friend's money. That gold digging-cock-sucking whore. Oh by the way, that bitch is Filipino-American.

Jeff...I sharpened everything there is to sharpen. I just need a living flesh to stab it all in honey. Mwah.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Shut up Sofia. I'll tell the world how hairy you are! LOL

Sanne Dee said...

Sofia, your writing provides a bitchy-edge (in a good sense of course) to this blog which is refreshing and quirky on its own. ;p.

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Thanks Sanne, you're so kind. I'm the naughty-bitchy girl here, and
Pisanu is the funny-bitchy [so they say].

Hey Sanne, what're those numbers that appear everytime you leave a comment?

Is that a lottery tip? :-)

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Arlyn is my 2nd-ex wife. Not the 3rd, ok? If I marry you, you'll definitely be my 4TH ex-wife, so I won't. Divorce is expensive babe. Take that!

Kiro said...

LOL.. Sofia.. your too cute!
LOL.. how long did you want your nails? and how sharp!

Sanne Dee said...

Hi Sofia, the numbers can be a lottery tip if you look at it that way. :)
82279th visitor at your blog today. ;P

MischMensch said...

Haha I love all the bitchiness on this blog. It gives some sense of humour

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