Sunday, July 08, 2007

CEBU, the ANGKOR, KL & Honoray Friends

The result for the 6-year search for the new Seven Wonders of the World was announced last night. Normally, (because Angkor was not included) I would grit my teeth, throw snarky remarks here and there, bad mouth the organizers and sour-grape till kingdom come – but on this occasion, I won’t. *but that's not the end of it, I'm just not in the mood today! Ha!* Let’s leave the issue for the moment.

Thanks to Misterhubs, Sanne & Riki for my call for support to our entry -- the Angkor. You are honorary friends of the blog. Anything you will ask from us will be granted. Including trips to any destination of your choice, a week stay in my flat in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Madrid, job referrals, commendation letters, certificates, throphies -- even medals!...or a night with me, Sofia or Morgan. LOL!

Anyway, we're on our way to Kuala Lumpur. We took Malaysia Airlines flight MH0709 from Cebu City at 4.00pm, will arrive in KL before 10.00pm. We are on a stop over here in Kota Kinabalu. Home to Bangkok by Friday maybe, I don’t know. I wanted to go back to Singapore and unwind more. Or went straight to Manila, the city I haven’ really seen in 8 years and catch up with some friends. Maybe next time, I suppose.

Just a quick note here. I’ll be blogging what I see and every single misadventure I get from this chic city of Kuala Lumpur.

--Pisanu in KK


Riki The Dark said...

Oh guys...thank you but I helped because I believed in such a noble cause not to mention that you guys are also friends of my blog, too! Besides, if it weren't for your call, we would have missed participating in such a historic cultural event! =)

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