Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hello guys! Sofia here. I took time off my holiday to post this good news. Remember that highly talked-about Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog of 2007? Well, I heard it was a success and a big gathering of bloggers was held in Manila last August 1st!

Aside from the announcement of Top 10 Blogs, there was also a raffle for those who participated and guess what? -- I just got an email from Miss Toral that I won $100! Wow, thanks! Am I lucky or am I lucky? Thanks to the sponsors, btw. Here are the other 9 winners.

Since the prize money would be coming from the Philippines, I decided to let it stay there. If you have been following this blog, you may have known that we visited Mindanao Island last April. We learned so many things and met a lot of nice people. We visited orphanages and played with street kids in the plaza [believe it or not].

Although our blog may depict us as over indulgent, shallow and extravagant; there are still some sides of us that we never show and would like to remain hidden [until now].

With this post, I would like to share the whole prize money to the orphaned kids of Holy Child Home in Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao Island and I hope Miss Toral would be so kind to forward the amount to them. [I forwarded the details to her].


*** Holy Child Home is the latest addition to orphanages BISEAN has chosen to help. We are still looking for more. We also help 5 others – 1 in Malaysia, 2 in Cambodia, 1 in Vietnam and 1 in Thailand. We also visit and help foreign inmates in Thai prisons.

The key to ultimate happiness is sharing.


Pisanu for BISEAN said...

I wish you don't have to tell our readers about what we do in private. Helping people for the sake of others seeing it, is just...*sigh*

But I'll let this go. It's for a good cause. We haven't sent anything yet to Sister Cicilia. Thank you Sofia for sharing.

I miss those kids.

Euri said...

Woah! Congrats for $100! $_$


freddy bosch said...

that is very noble of you sofia. i didn't expect you guys have this side. we really shouldn't judge a person by their blogs.

i sent you an email asking how to send donations to your patron orphanages. i would like to share my part.

may the lord bless you sofia.

Mariani of Italy said...

This sent shivers to my spine. I totally didn't expect this!

Others would normally post how they are going spend and buy something for themselves...but this?

I was expecting like Sofia woud go shopping, buy new shoes at Louis Vuitton or that famous Miumiu. But...I'm in total awe!

This has totally changed my view of BISEAN and it's authors.

Anonymous said...

"We also visit and help foreign inmates in Thai prisons"

Well it's nice to know that if I ever do get locked up in Thailand, then it will be you guys that visit me. Not as though I plan on getting locked up, you understand.

Well done on the $100 donation. Nice gesture!

Nam said...

Very commendable gesture! Charity works are rewarding in themselves. Helping to bring happiness to others is one way to attain your own happiness.

Sanne Dee said...

Good on you, guys. I hope this will instil a pass-it-on spirit in every reader of your blog as well. ;)

laine said...

waah im down with ya gurl

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