Wednesday, August 15, 2007

PERFECT SPECIMEN: Nicholas Saputra

With his fame spanning Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore; more than 150 million people is familiar with the name. Nicholas is one of Southeast Asia’s true superstars.

Nicholas only made 7 movies so far. But he already got more than 10 awards and nominations. He could be one of Southeast Asia's most talented actor of all time.

Celebrating the Eurasians of Southeast Asia.



Reyville of Simply Manila said...

I think I miss a lot of posts here but I'm glad I caught up. This guy here is handsome, to put simply.

Wentle said...

ei ei ei... havent been bloggingg lately =( up to neck in work... hayy... well finally nice catchin up on my blog readin... of course yours included in the top 3. =P hehehe

laters buddy.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Reyville...that's cool! I myself isn't roaming around other blogs lately. Thanks for dropping by.

@ Wentle...yeah, I thought you abandoned your blog. Good to see you're back.

MischMensch said...

I want! I want! Einfach geil!

PNMF said...

I like his movies, especially Ada Apa dengan Cinta? (What's Up with Cinta?) and Janji Joni (Joni's Promise). He's sooo cute!

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