Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I wanna talk about my blog links. So if you’re not interested (since you’re here anyway), click on one of those Perfect Specimen posts on the right side of the screen and feast your eyes on some beautiful creatures, o’right?

But I’m talking about our NEW links, ok? Our old links love me too much already *ok, ok, “adores” me* so, no need to suck it to them. Here's our new links...

Mongkol is our first Cambodian blog link ever! He grew up in Phnom Penh but he is currently in Boston pursuing a Master’s Degree in Higher Education. Now, here’s the kicker – he’s a Fulbright scholar! Is he smart or what? *My goodness!* The last time I was offered a scholarship was when I was 12 – by Pepsi! Way to go dude!

Manami is our new link in Singapore. She’s totally sweet but she doesn’t like to be called as such, I don’t know why. Her blog W-Gmepikshinki would be very useful to people who wants something translated in Chinese, Japanese and English (and Thai?). Yup! You got it right, she encourage her readers to send in stuffs to translate for them. Her blog is a glimpse on a life of a young, smart, sweet *oops!* Singaporean girl.

Preya is kinda my crush that’s why I linked her up. *naughty smile* Nah, I’m just kidding (about the linkin’ part, the crush, I'm dead serious). No, really I kinda dig her blog Dreaming of Hanoi because its an exceptional glimpse of life in Vietnam when she was still living there. Preya is now living in Colorado teaching English literature. Have I got a new bunch of smart links or what?! Whew!

Do you see this different BISEAN icon? This is from Fable of Fable Frog -- our new link from Malaysia. Now, this I tell you – he’s one hell of an artistic and creative guy. His blog has a column of picture links which (I think) he designed by himself. I’m all impressed dude! *Cool* A Frog’s Point of View is a collection of Fable’s thoughts, original writings and pop-culture.

Another new and interesting link is Bedtime Stories by PaulI mean, Dr. Paul. I discovered his blog because he keeps beating me on PLU Top Blogs list at No. 6! LOL. I read some of his writings and I KEPT READING! I didn’t know what’s gotten into me but his writing style is engaging. There is something there that would make you keep reading. Seriously.

To be quite honest -- I really don’t know why I’m writing this. And why I’m beginning to be more thoughtful of our links -- I wasn’t’ like this before. Usually, when I want to suck up to them, I just splatter a picture link on a post altogether or sumthin’. *staring blankly* I think…I’m evolving.

Having new links like Mongkol, Manami, Preya, Fable and Paul makes me feel freshly appreciated. WAIT WAIT WAIT! I’m beginning to sound like a grown up! *I don’t want to grow up!* So guys – here are my new links and feel free to ravage them with honey.

Then come back here, y’hear? -- NOW GO!


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재미 said...

Its really very nice of you to think i'm sweet. in fact i'm smiling now! ^___^
It's just that i'm not used to it, you see, i have been quite garrulous, noisy, over-excited, squeal-ey and talks at the speed of 3276482793km/hr for most of my life. Not exactly what local boys define as 'sweet'
And lol, I cant translate Thai.

Fable Frog said...

i have something to say about the icon~!! it is actually taken off September 2006 issue of OUT magazine, a fashion spread titled "Steady as a Rock. Photographed by Dah Len, Styled by Sam Spector~ this photospread series are inspired by 70's porno movie set~ with little clothing. In the pic i used, the girl [with short hair] with her back facing the camera is actually Megan of America's next top model cycle 7~ She's not a winner though~ the whole series have a very BI-sexual feel~ now u know why i used that pic~ ;)

Anonymous said...

That's very nice of you to mention me here. I'm very proud to be your first Cambodian blog link. Really appreciate all the compliments, bro. I'm beaming now.. :p

Keep posting.. I'm reading yours everyday.. :)

Preyanka said...

Why thank you darlin'! I am reveling in the excitement of being your crush...And I'm glad you think I'm smart too:)

Morgan Heritier said...

I agree. Preyanka is hot!

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Hey! You forgot my new links. Exiled Aristocrat and the others! Re-write this!!!!!!!!!

Hanifa said...

fullbright scholar? whoa! let me check his blog.

henrietta hsu said...

Manami looks more Japanese than Singaporean. Herblog is cute I love the color pink!

bruce said...

go go go preya!

Carrie Puyat said...

Isn't Dreaming of Hanoi an award winning blog? I'm not sure. But the blog title is familiar. I think I saw it on one of those big bloggy awards. Let me check.

savante said...

Awww. We love ya too :) And I linked ya long time back anyway.

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