Saturday, December 15, 2007


We have just completed the hard task of choosing the outstanding photographers and hot models for the 2008 ExpressMen of the Year. That’s sorting 59 of ‘em and it wasn’t a joke! Our scores will be consolidated with other judges. Cheers to Patric for a great run! Very well done.

I’m not sure if we are allowed to post our choices here. But to make it more exciting -- we won’t. Just wait for the results to be announced on the 1st of January. The winners are going on a trip to sunny Spain and beautiful Boriqualand! *Woohoo!*

You wanna win prizes too? Well, if you followed our advice to visit and leave comments on Expressmen site, then you’ll have a chance to win fantabulous take-homes. The comment contest is closed already and I pity Patric for sorting out more than 3,500 comments to find the best one. *I wish I can help him. =)*

Ok anyways, the announcement of the winners is on 01 January and see somebody catch his dreams. In the meantime, visit Expressmen regularly and for some hot models and photographers featured there. Tell them I sent you. =)

Presented by:

Horizon BarcelonaDylan RosserOn Display Men


expressmen said...

Here a big hug and thanks to Bisean for being part of this exciting event!! Thank you very much bisean, from my heart to yours...thank you so much :-) This is a very exciting event as the first ExpressMEN will be named very soon..I congratulate Bisean for making a difficult task of naming their top choices...Thank you once again!!!!

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