Thursday, December 06, 2007


I met Sofia, Morgan and Tommy at the Davao International Airport earlier today. They came straight from Singapore, while I came from Manila yesterday.

We came here for 3 reasons: [1] To concede to the “persistent” invitation of one of our readers (who wish to remain anonymous) [2] To see a Philippine Eagle in flight and [3] To see a chance to meet the world famous Mayor of Davao City.

Ever since we saw a feature of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte a.k.a. “the Punisher” *whoah!* on Thai television, we knew we had to pay him a visit. Or at least see the city which he famously “revitalized”. Leaders like him are rare in Southeast Asiafearless, non-conformist, and tough. We’d like to know more about him and maybe we can arrange a meeting or something.

We’ll let you know if we see other things worth mentioning. It’s about time our region knows more about this city. Stay tuned.


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eyron said...

davao city is the largest city in se asia in terms of land area

Mariani of Italy said...

You guys never learn. You're there again?

Arunny Chantou said...

I hope I could see the Philippines too! Looks like fun country! I want to learn more about them.

Q The Conqueror said...

Maayong Gab-i dinha sa Davao. :P

Lol. It's one of the cities i haven't been yet in the Phils.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hey Q! Wait for our Zamboanga review!!!!!!!! Let's see what we can do there. Any suggestions?

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

I have high hopes for Davao. I hope you're enjoying your visit.

Q The Conqueror said...

@pisanu - OMG You're goin there? Argh. Nice time to be stuck in Manila...

I'll try to e-mail you later about what to do there :P

Jake Tornado said...

@arunny...Hi Arunny! If you're planning to visit Manila, I offering to be your host! Just e-mail me if you're hear. I'll take you to the best spots.

@pisanu & the gang...updates! updates! updates! I never saw a live Philippine Eagle, only in pictures! Envious me! Waaahhhh!

Jake Tornado said...

Goodness...alcohol is still in my veins. Look at how my mis-spellings!

@pisanu...if you're going to Zamboanga, you can visit the Rizal Shrine in Dapitan. Rizal is your ancestor, right? The place is where his wife, Josephone Bracken gave birth (premature baby though)...a miscarriage I think.

Anonymous said...

i'm from zamboanga.. and it's branded as ASIA'S LATIN CITY!!! i can help u out guys in tourin' here... i recommend you to visit La Vista del Mar Beach Resort . nearly four-century-old Fort Pilar. Pasonanca Park. Immacukate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral(one, if not, the most modern in Mindanao Island). Park88. Coffeemix. Halo Dance Bar. Chopstix at Alejandra's Complex.

Jake Tornado said...

@Anonymous...Muy bien! Viva El Provincia del Zamboanga! Tenemos visitar! La fiesta de Immaculada Concepcion es en ocho de Diciembre, si? Bring out all the cervezas!

curbside_puppet said...

i used to be a 19-year old Christian missionary there in Davao. Hope you'd get to bathe well over at Pearl Farm though.
If you wanna look for some adventure over there at the Zamboanga area, you gotta try Basilan.
No joke fellas, they could have had the nicest beaches around if not for some son-of-a-gun terrorism.
Although a vinta ride and some barter trade in Zamboanga City may not be so much of a bad idea either!

Xanderj said...

Davao is a beautiful place, been there only once though

they have an abundance of fruits, u should try there pomelo and durian, yummy!! places worth visiting are Eden Garden, Malagos Garden resort, Pearl Farm...there is also GAP Farm full of Rambutans though i think those Monster statues are odd

i've seen the Phil Eagle and its really huge! wingspan is 1m plus, such a noble bird, the first time i saw it fly i was in awe, but too bad its in a cage

@Pisanu...after Davao, where would ur next stop be?? Bukidnon is lovely and so is CdO...Have lots of FUN!!!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Thank you guys for the inputs...

@ Eyron...dude! How are you? When are you goin' to set up your blog? =)

@ Mariani...shut it, babe.

@ Arunny...sis, thanks for droppin' by.

@ Reyville...dude! We are enjoyin' it oright! I never thought Davao is the Land of My Favorite Fruit! -- nope, not the hellish Durian...but the Ruby Red Pomelo! Woohoo!

@ Jake...hey! I can't open your blog! What's wrong? Well, I've seen Dapitan long ago. And I guess they won't ry to change it, would they? LOL

@ Curb...I've been to those places you mentioned. Read my Banaue post or my..uhm...trying looking around my blog. Hehehe.

If I may say so...that part of the Philippines have the best beaches, hands down!

@ Xander...thanks for the suggestions. Next stop? Either CDO or Zamboanga. Whichever comes first. We are alluding "well wishers" who are out to look for us. Hahaha!


Jake Tornado said...

@Pisanu...I was doing some changes in my ugly blog he-he. You can it access it now bro.

curbside_puppet said...

PISANU: for a change man, why won't you try lake sebu?! that place is really good! you have to go to koronadal city and ask from directions from there.
I promise you, that place is a blast!

eyron said...


sorry dude, writing was/is never part of my life hehe...i just enjoy reading.

though i have a web development subject during college i cant design a good site and if i have one it would be a boring and nonsense blog

hope i can be u and the rest of here...

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