Thursday, January 10, 2008


Our region is home to the meanest, nastiest, bad-ass volcanoes in the world. They are vicious and forbidding, but beautiful and gorgeous at the same time. *more like women =)*.

They have captured our imagination, inspired our legends and placed Southeast Asia in world history books – all because of its dreadful power to claim thousands of lives in one terrible blow! *wicked!*

These are our region’s deadliest volcanic eruptions that strike terror through the centuries…

Volcano, Deaths, Major Cause of Deaths (Year)

1. Tambora, Indonesia 92,000 Starvation (1815)

2. Krakatau, Indonesia 36,417 Tsunami (1883)

3. Kelut, Indonesia 5,510 Mudflows (1919)

4. Galunggung, Indonesia 4,011 Mudflows (1882)

5. Papandayan, Indonesia 2,597 Ash flows (1772)

6. Taal, Philippines 1,335 Ash flows (1911)

7. Mayon, Philippines 1,200 Mudflows (1814)

8. Agung, Indonesia 1,184 Ash flows (1963)

9. Pinatubo, Philippines 800 Disease (1991)

10. Hibok-Hibok, Philippines 500 Ash flows (1951)


*Tambora and Krakatau are 1st and 2nd deadliest in world history

**Data source: Volcanic Hazards: A Sourcebook on the Effects of Eruption by Russell J. Blong

***Photo credit: BBC UK


curbside_puppet said...

i'm surprised Taal was more deadly than Mayon. Considering its size...

I thought Krakatoa had the worst deaths as well!

eyron said...

the 1991 explosion of pinatubo is the third largest eruption in the 20th century after the santa maria in guatemala (1902) and novarupta in alaska (1912). it ashes spread into half of the globe affecting greenhouse warming and the ozone hole

while the krakatau eruption was the violent in history, explosions were heard not just in indonesia but sorrounding countries as well, triggering giant waves, the sunda strait was in darkness 11am til the following day and others

taal. small but beware hehe. i never thought that this island volcano can be deadly

and why only these two countries. hehe... any countries out there who want our volcanoes? LOL

Jake Tornado said...

This is the reason why Indonesia has the strongest FIRE POWER in the world! (Hehe). But seriously, I think that Indonesia (much like China), is a "sleeping giant". It has the potential to become an economic and military "superpower" in the region (with the help of its volcanoes of course!). :)

Xanderj said...

@curbside_puppet... Taal maybe small but it's terrible, hehe, Mayon maybe the most active volcano in the Phils but its eruptions are quite "less explosive"....this is OT but are you a Jason Mraz fan?

a little trivia...Laguna de Bay or Lake Laguna was actually a caldera of an ancient and now extinct volcano or volcanoes (just like Taal)

aries said...

yeah i'm surprised ph and indonesia have these...a bit of creativity, a sprinkle of technology and barrels of public support should turn these lava lamps into rich energy source... but for now, volcanoes anyone???

Tommy for BISEAN said...

@ everybody -- because only Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia have active volcanoes in Southeast Asia. The ones in Thailand and the others are all extinct. But who knows? There could be a change of heart by our mother nature.

@ Xanderj...I wish you did not mention the word "caldera" together with volcano in one sentence. When Pisanu read this, he'll go crazy and head to wherever it is the next day. Mark my word.

Macky P. said...

LOL @ Tommy. Really? Pisanu is one crazy guy isn't he?

Akihiro said...

Wakakaka! somebody pushed the wrong button again? who is xander? where is he from? i remember how pisanu was hysterical when somebody left a comment here about where to find that coelecanth. The whole floor in the hotel in Bali thought there was a fire! Wakakaka!

there are a few words that pisanu should not hear. and sofia too.

we got a party next week. can you ask xander to postpone that comment? till just after the party.;-)

curbside_puppet said...

XANDERJ: i had my pseudonym patterned after Jason Mraz's songs.

But no, i'm not a fan of his. Although i do like some of his songs though, curbside prophet NOT included.

i just imagine my blog as someone shouting from the other side of the street.

AND GOING TO BACK TO VOLCANOES, taal lake itself was a product of an extinct volcano some 18,000 feet high.

I read and I watched it somewhere, just can't pinpoint where exactly.
If that tall volcano would still be existing, Manila could be in ruins anytime soon!

Xanderj said...

@Pisanu...just enjoy the party and have lots and lots of fun, don't go volcano hunting!! don't want Tommy, Akihiro and the rest of the gang being deprived of fun...hehe

@Tommy...wahaha, really? is Pisanu that...ahhh...crazy?? LOL, going to Laguna would be "boring" 'coz none of the volcano(es) remain, just a big lake with lots of fish and prawns

@Akihiro...i'm from the Phils and i comment on this blog from time to time, sorry but i didn't have time to postpone my comment 'coz i didn't logged on last weekend, i assume Pisanu has already read my post, i wonder what words should Sofia not hear?? LOL....this is off topic but i saw you comment on Charice Pempengco's MySpace, was that really you? i'm also a fan of hers

@curbside_puppet...Manila would be SEA's answer to Pompei if that's the case!! hehe

chase said...

wow, only in the philippines and indonesia..

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

XanderJ >>> No, it isn't Aki. MySpace is already fucked. Anyone can just assume identity. Like what happened to us before.



I juz wanna share a liitle thing about Tambora Mt. It erupted and killed most deadly people is a fact. I'm who is originally Sumbawanese (people of Sumbawa)where Tambora Mountain is situated, feel that the effect of deadly eruption is about researched and now has been found some of precious stuff of the lost kingdom.

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