Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was just thinking – in a voting system that includes the whole dang world like The New 7 Wonders, Miss World or even regional voting like the Asian Idol…Southeast Asia has a voting power. But why is there always a “left-out”?

A “Left-Out” is somebody you knew will make it but somehow didn’t. A “Left-Out” is a delegate that wasn’t included while his/her neighboring counter part did. A “Left-Out” is a very talented contestant that didn’t get the vote. A “Left-Out” is a country… ok, you got the picture.

When “critters” leave evil and cruel comments on our blog -- I am more disappointed than irritated. Why? Because these critters leave tracks where they came from. They disgrace their country more than themselves!

So what’s my point? Here…

Why would other countries vote for your candidate when they have a bad impression on the kind of people you are which you yourself projected?

How can you expect a vote when all they hear from your country are criticisms, insensitivity and arrogance?

What can we do about it?

Don’t toleratecritters”. If you know they come from your country, let them know it’s not alright. Expose them if possible.

You are an ambassador of your people as much as I am to mine. What we do mirrors how we are as a nation. *I know it sucks, but that’s reality*

How do you want the world to view your country?

Be nice.



bsanti said...

I love this: You are an ambassador of your people as much as I am to mine. What we do mirrors how we are as a nation.

we are our country

jackrollane said...

hi pisanu!! nice thought to ponder. . anyweiz. . im an avid reader of your blog for three months already but its my first time to have a comment, maybe i was just thinking if it is my fellow countrymen your referring to, yeah its in their attitude to insult other nationalities. . , actually, i have been visiting this site for months and an average of twice or thrice a day, its already part of my daily routine, first thing in the morning and last thing before i go to bed, waiting for new articles. . . maybe because there are so much similarities in our interests and likes and the way of our thinking(citation pls)jejeje. .hope youll read this. . . i too have multiple nationality and descendancy. . lalang

ohmski said...

can i link you in my blog? i would love you to link me in your blog also. hehehe... ohmski from philippines here.

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