Monday, June 30, 2008


Global Warming isn’t caused by my cigarettes, I’m sorry. Nga. My refrigerator isn’t causing it either, thank you very much.
Nor my SUVs *yes, in plural*, nor my jet ski, nor my JaguarX3, nor my air-conditioning and please leave my Playstation alone! Gaddammit!

I am all out for the environment as long as it makes sense – Plant more trees, recycle, preserve the forests, save the wildlife, responsible garbage dumping, and all those stuffs BUT PLEASE – leave my doodahs alone!

Neptune’s Triton is heating up since 1999 as reported by BBC. Pluto and Charon are extraordinarily heating up since 2002 as reported by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Jupiter’s Io had a volcanic eruption the same year. Jupiter is also having a time of his life with more storms over there.

In December 2002, ABC reported Mars (our closest inter-planetary neighbour) is warming up too! And last year, reported that Saturn is starting to heat up.

Triton, Pluto, Charon, Mars and Saturn…Do they have SUVs, cigies and Playstation up there? What about air cons and refrigerators, huh? -- Pffft!

Global Warming is a hoax! It’s a FRAUD! Misdirection. Somebody is benefiting from this stupid theory over there in America.

There is a real reason behind it; this “Global Warming” hullabaloo. And your governments don’t want you to know. Well, maybe they don’t know it too *and what’s new with that?*

Based on the latest satellite data cited in a December 2007 article, NASA climate scientist Jay Zwally predicts that nearly all the ice could be gone from the Arctic Ocean BY THE END OF SUMMER 2012.

Take the cue. We did. Why do you think we’ve been to Nepal? – One of the world’s highest places…


No, it’s not the end of the world – but life, as we know itwill change.

2012 December 21.

Are you ready for the fly-by?



Anonymous said...

this entry is obviously single-sourced.

there is a complete lack of regard for environmental trends, not to mention thousands of studies that support climate change.

obviously hastily written, and obviously arrogant and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

are you okay?

my least favorite blog so far.

Curbside Puppet said...

i know the democrats' (and especially al gore's) push against global warming can be attributed a bit to its opposition to bush's war on iraq (which is "really", a war for oil).
though the global warming push can be politically-motivated at times, still, there shouldn't be any problem with taking care of the environment as you have mentioned above.

eyron said...

i think there is really something going on, global warming is just part of climate change...

i am not scientist nor a enviromentalist to attest what's happening but i know for sure there must be done in order to avoid this thing :p

Pisanu for BISEAN said... can call me anything you want. But when the day comes...I would luuuuuuv to see you suffer (and hopefully croak) in front of me.

Got it. There. Shoo!

Jake Tornado said...

Hey, The Dude...I believe you. Can I hitch a ride? :)

Jake Tornado said...

By the way, what happened to 2023?

benee said...

ok.i can accept that all the plants heat up, but im sure we're doing something to worsen the situation.
and maybe rather than bitchin'we should look for a way to prevent anything from happening.

We all have to keep an open mind.

benee said...


ellechic | nyc said...

i agree... to a point...

mainly that, the weather change is NOT ENTIRELY DUE TO OUR DISREGARD IN OUR ENVIRONMENT... however, we are speeding up the process... so do the 3 R's like we're taught in school and support environmentally friendly err.. stuff. ^_^

now stop hating!
... and see the world!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

To Edward, whose comment was deleted by our editor (Grant)...

Just like anyone else on this planet...I can say anything I want which I believe is the truth.

You got your opinion and I got mine. I cannot say yours is wrong and YOU CANNOT say mine is wrong.

Now go and make your own blog.

Contest me. Argue with me.

But you don't come to my blog bitchin' around without any link to get back to you.

You too....shoo!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

AND BY THE WAY....ellechic got my point spot on.

Maybe she is a native English speaker who can compose ideas better than me.

Thanks ellechic! You rock!

PLW said...

remove this post now. mom

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

LOL! I knew I could make my mother leave a comment here for the first time.

Mom, no.

Make me.

Sucre for BISEAN said...

mrs. leela, was that really you? omg! i didnt know you feel strongly about this issue to this point.

it must have been pisanu's book collection of outer space, galaxy whateva.

see you in december! i miss your lasagna verde. mwah!

PLW said...

if this post is still up by tonight, you have a lot of explaining to do. remove this post. mom

dweller25 said...

To Pisanu, good thing that you've posted the date December 21, 2012 coz as far as i know, according to Mayan calendar, the 'end' of the world will be on that date... in other words, naturally, the world is like a snake readying itself to change and unwear its old skin...

well this is just what i read and just how i see it... and i am not a NOSTRADAMUS to say that this world will end on that date in a BOOM mind you!!! but of course, we don't have to fall into complacency do you? even if we think global warming is a hoax or not, still we are accountable of what the world is experiencing right now... Well whatever we believe in, still the Unmoved Mover has the last say...

P.S. According to Mayan calendar, the present earth cycle began August 31 14BC and will end after 5126 years and that is on December 12, 2012! As to John Major Jenkins per se, in his book, the 'end' of the world is considered as 'rebirth of creation'.

just concern said...

HEY PISANU, what the hell is this...? i thought you are a good person who has a good heart for our mother earth...our environment.

i am really disapointed of this post of yours, i dont understand your point. i dont know if what are you advocating for.(maybe those LIFE THREATENING CIGARETTES OR THOSE CARBONDIOXIDES.). IT SEEMS THAT YOU are advocating the otherwise of what many people is fighting for.

this post is obviously one-sourced.

Everyone can feel the impacts of global warming, this is greatly felt thru this sudden climate change. Please try to know more of what global warming really is...many people around the world are really trying to action this world threat...and here you are trying make them IGNORANT OF THEIR FIGHTING FOR.DAMNNNNNNNN....

really disapointing, i've been always visiting pa naman itong blog mo....huh!

i hope you understand what i mean. i dont intend to hurt you but i just want to correct you... GLOBAL WARMING IS A WORLD ISSUE THAT NEEDS AN URGENT ACTION TO BRING BACK, IF NOT, TO LESSEN ITS IMPACT TO MANKIND AND TO MOTHER EARTH...

(i am the one who asked if you can post sumthing about global warming, and i did not expect it to be like this)


Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Sweetie Just Concern...there, you said it yourself, sweetie. You don't understand his point. So why the long yakking?

Read the whole post with an open mind.

Daniel said...

You and your crazy ideas, Pisanu. Didn't you promise Farah NOT TO POST this?

Amelia K. said...

Some visitors of this blog (especially the new ones) maybe has the notion that the authors are just well-travelled, stupid, priviledged brats.

Hey people, they have opinions too, you know? And with this post, I saw another side of one of the author.

Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

Way to go Amelia! I'm just glad Pisanu's back and blogging!

So post post post!

(So nice of your Mom to come by and comment btw. :p)

Live. Love life. ^__^

Edward said...

It's okey you deleted my comments. The TRUTH hurts, isn't it??

Did you have this blog so people can praise you in high heavens?? You should learn how to handle criticism and get something good out of it.

The final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure criticism without resentment.

I still find this specific blog offensive and I believe you should take heed and have it removed.

Thank you.

Edward said...

PS: I don't maintain a blog. Is it a requirement to have a link before you can post your comment? I see a lot here who don't. I visit blogs that I find interesting and and of them is your blog and I happen to be a mixed Asian. Way better loookin than the rest of the mixed guys you feature here. I rarely leave comments here, only when I don't agree. You don't have the monopoly of knowledge and I believe to be in this world is a constant learning. It's not right to impose on someone what you perceived to be right and close your eyes and ears on others point of view. You can't be that condescending.

Thank you.

Jake Tornado said...

To Edward...Man, the author was, is, will never be imposing. We have to respect his ideas, not because he claims them to be true, but for their value.

More than 400 years ago, when Galileo shouted to the world that Earth is not the center of the universe, the Catholic Church excommunicated him.

400 years later, Vatican apologized.

My point: Even you...don't have a monopoly of knowledge nor can you impose what your own beliefs upon others.

Peace, brother.

curbside_puppet said...

I need to scratch away this need to make an additional comment. I just can't help it. I won't take sides here, I'll just follow what I think is my intuition. In fairness to Pisanu, he deleted the comment which I found was pretty offensive. I thought that was mature and gentlemanly of him.

But in fairness to Edward as well, I think there's really nothing wrong if he posted his comments here, no matter how opposed we are to his thoughts.

He's entitled to his own opinion and so does everyone else who left his and her comments in this particular post.

I hope I was able to help lighten up this issue.

just concern said...

what i meant from what i said that "i dont understand your point" is that what he seems to mean is that global warming is just normal, and their is no need to really important about it...i read it with my mind wide open...and the post means the same....

ROneiluke said...

i still believe that global warming is real...and that the greenhouse effect has been existing for ages already...ngayon lang ng ganito kaemphasized n lumabas ang arguments becoz the process is gradual...hays...if this is a hoax...then it's really troubling indeed...conspiracy theory all over again...

Anonymous said...

Pisanu, do not bring down the reputation of BiSEAN.

Whatever your problem is, take a vacation and clear your head. Do not vent out your frustrations, problems, anger here. Yes this is your blog, yes you can say anything that you want however you want to say it, but there are limitations to everything.

So what if the world is ending? It doesn't give you right to destroy this blog that you yourself started.

You could have presented your idea or belief or whatever you want to call it in a different, more entertaining way that will encourage your readers and lurkers to reply back - intelligently as well.

You should also treat your readers with respect. If they curses you, or tell you offending comments, let them. You and SOME of your supporters claim that every one has a right to their own opinion and beliefs but the way you treat those who are only expressing theirs only shows that you do not respect their opinions and beliefs.

It is one-sided. You want people to respect you, your ideas and your beliefs, then you should do it first to them.

They are your visitors. Whether they are trolls, your detractors, they give your blog additional exposure. You may not see it. But YOUR VISITORS helped this blog to succeed.

Are you trying to destroy this blog? How about your co-bloggers and loyal readers? BiSEAN is NO LONGER 'your blog'. It has reached the point of being the blog of the public.

If you continue what you are doing now, I would not be surprise if you get more enemies and you get less and less readers. Is that your objective? Is reaching 782,451 visitors your objective?

BiSEAN is no longer your hobby blog or personal blog where you can rant all you want in a tone and language that is or can be offensive to your readers and guests.

Shoo? Do you think you can shoo them away? The fact that they found your blog and posted a comment means that they regularly read your blog. Why? Because they find BiSEAN to be informative.

Do not destroy that. Go out, have fun, and keep your head cool when blogging. BiSEAN is at its peak. It is no longer 'your blog'.

I will say it again, keep it cool.

Radiohead said...

I agree. Reminds me of all the preachers in the 19th century who stated the world would end by a certain date. Global warming has become a f@#ing religion and it's ardents are no better than the gullible fools who followed those preachers many years ago. Rev Al Gore is their disciple. There are more scientists who say that GW is a fraud (do some research) but why do you never hear from them? What BS!

Grant (BISEAN Ed.) said...

*** Anonymous comment before Radiohead -- Cheers to that. I hear myself on your comment. I have been editing for BISEAN in the past year and your comments sums my position on this blog.

Although I am still considering the fact that what made this blog great is the authors' character and their priceless dedication to Southeast Asia.

I have never seen anyone so passionate about a region/heritage. So, let's give them a little credit for that.

As a favor to everybody and future readers of the blog -- I'll personally print your particular comment above and send it to the authors.

Thank you very much indeed.

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