Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just a few days ago, we were celebrating our 700th-thousand-hits mark...

But our other counter (on the bottom of the page),
which was the original and BISEAN's very first counter, says...

Uhmm...this is confusing.

If the 2nd counter was the original, does it mean that
we're REALLY hitting the million mark in a few hours?

I don't wanna miss the moment.

Can somebody enlighten me on this?



Thank you very much. 谢谢. Terima Kasih.


Daniel N. said...

hell yeah!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMFG! Yeah, you could be!

Your top counter might be recording "unique" hits. And the other one is counting all hits. =)

Carrie Puyat said...

when you installed the top counter, did you start the number with the hits of the bottom counter?

curbside_puppet said...

actually both are counting actual hits, not unique hits.

the second one is actually THE real number of hits that you are getting since day one.

hope i was able to help brotha.

Gail T. said...

sawasdee pisanu! thanks for coming over my blog. only 32 more hits before you millionth one, according to your bottom counter.

matthewandrew said...


please feature this!


thanks! you rock!

congratz on the millionth-near visit btw.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Matthew...yup, I thought that was familiar. Somebody sent me a trailer of it on a CD by mail. From the Philippines.

@ I didn't.

@ Curb, Daniel, Ano...thanks dudes. Y'all rock.

@ Gail...I was reading your blog earlier. Thanks for the comments!

curbside_puppet said...

how i wished i was that person who helped you hit the millionth mark!

MischMensch said...

Hmmm so everytime when I visit your blog it would be counted as 1 hit?

Kit said...

either way man, that is still a great accomplishment. congrats man!

BangkokDan said...

And you seriously think any of those counters is reliable? Cute.

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