Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today is the 110th Anniversary of Independence of our brothers in the Philippines. Our good neighbors accross the Mer de Chiene who looooves to sing all day long. =)

Southeast Asia is not the same without you.

Thank you for Pacquiao, Lea and Batista. Thank you for the extra votes at the New7Wonders of Nature. Thank you for El Nido, Mayon Volcano and San Miguel Beer. And...thank you for buying our rice. =)

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang Timog-Silangang Asya!



benee said...

Thank You guys! I hope maybe this year The Philippines can have a "new start" as they say. :)

Sad though, no parade this year. But i felt more love for the country this year. Maybe because of all the projects and posters and commercials of "pilipinas kong mahal". haha

Happy Independence Day, Philippines. Mabuhay.

curbside_puppet said...

walang anuman pisanu.

ang_lasalyano said...

thanks so much for lifting our spirits Pisanu. iba ka Pisanu, you're simply the best!

your blog has made me inspired and more proud of our region. like what other readers have said, reading your blog has become a part of my daily routine.

we celebrated our national day here in Vietnam. though it was a simple celebration, we couldn't help but moved into tears. our special thanks to senator nikki coseteng who joined the celebration.

mabuhay ang lahing kayumanggi, mabuhay ang ASEAN, mabuhay ka kapatid na Pisanu!

ohmski said...

Mabuhay ka din! Salamat sa feature na ito. :D

Jake Tornado said...

Salamat The Dude! Mabuhay ang Lahing Kayumanggi!

Hindi mo ba pasasalamatan ang aming bagoong? LOL

Fable Frog said...

Happy 110th independence day to all Filipinos~

dionelldizon said...

Bisean simply the best!!! Thanks for the time and effort for uplifting Filipino spirit. Mabuhay ka!!!

PINOY said...

yeahhhhhh! mabuhay ang mga PINOY!

this site is really one of the best so far since i started searching for blogs...hmmmmmm SIMPLY the BEST as defined by ur readers...AND tnX 4 uplifting the spirits of SOUTH EAST ASIANS... we really appreciate your efforts...once again....tnx dude...


Anonymous said...

nice posts, Pinoys. Yes, Pinas is the best for bi sex. Why do you think the gyms are always full in Manila? No, the G's are just kibitzers, the real action are between the ever bi-curious "str8's". & Why are the Pinoy mestizos so in the forefront of this fascinating activity?

aries said...

Southeast Asia is not the same without you. <-- made me teary-eyed.


Anonymous said...

teary-eyed??!!!! Gosh, what is this? Where am I?

Hey, Pisanu, better start another blog ( a really lively, well, I better say it, more horny one) I've been reading for the past two hours & why do I have a feeling most of the posters here are high school slackers?

BISEAN, remember? where's the bi?

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Waaah! LOL! are really starting to fire us up. And I really like it.

With all the featured places we've been to, and all our didn't occur to you that these are places to find "interesting" encounters?

We won't go to a place just for the "sceneries", would we? Otherwise, we'll just watch National Geographic.

I really wanted to write with Thai Red chillies as a pen...but a lot of kids are coming to this blog too.

But as I promised...I'm working on some raunchy experiences we had roaming around our paradise.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

COMMENT REPOST for ANONYMOUS...since your comments are too irrisistable to... uhm..."resist"...ok, I'm working on it.

Watch out for the most scandalous bisexual encounter stories Southeast Asia has ever heard of.

Let's scandalize paradise.

Watch out. =(

Sofia for BiSEAN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Anonymous, sweetie...the infos you are looking for are in the previous posts. Of course we can't post a featuring only raunchiness.

Try the Best Clubs of SE Asia. There are some there. Giving an idea what we do and what we prefer in our beds, sweetie.

Keep readin and bitchin, sweetie. We are loving it.

If you don't leave a pen name next time...we'll call you TINKERBELL. Alright, Tinkerbell? */kisses*

Jake Tornado said...

Better refer to Anonymous as "Sunshine Hairy Balls", Sofia.

I think the guy was abused by his dad when he was a kid.

Poor thang.

Amelia Koenigsberg said...

I don't understand why "tinkerbell" is insisting on posts highlighting personal sex preferrences and "adventures"(?)

What makes Bisean great is that it is well written, entertaining, uber-informative with little kicks of bitchiness and stubborness.

The authors do mention about their sensual encounters but not in detail...which I think is classy in its own way.

Don't turn this blog into another soft-porn site. Bisean is wonderful as it is.

Jake Tornado said...

Well, I'll start an unsolicited experience Mr. Sunshine "Tinkerbelle" Hairballs.

I had sex with the son of a Prime Minister, after getting it on with his girlfriend.

Does that satisfy your lust?

din said...

Yay! this blog made me happy. i so love the Philippines. Happy 110th everyone!'s becoming a post on sexual matter now. haha. peace.

eyron said...

wow... can't wait for another blog that will expose or retold your so called 'experiences'


btw, thanks for celebrating with us

Anonymous said...

see? I bet those posters are Pinoys because I know Pinoys are by default horny- why do you think I put up with this place? I get it everyday, sometimes, 3x a day if I set my mind into it. They are mostly tops though, lots of hassles for them to bottom- Pisanu, do u bottom? My first experience with a Thai was with a Euro-Thai 5 years ago who displayed his wares in that park near Dusit Thani- for 700 baht (believe it or not), it included everything, he just did his thing, sucked me for 15 minutes then rode my dick till I came. I couldn't find Eurasian-looking guys there anymore- probably they all became models already?

Sofia, Tinkerbell is too tacky. Why not Tinkerdong- as a tribute to my 9 incher- it's hard to find that in Asia, so better be nice to me...

pepe M. said...

thanks guys!
this is indeed very touching!
uy, u forgot to mention mabuahy jollibee :)

mabuhay tayong lahat..

Anonymous said...

i really hope by 2015, ASEAN will be far more integrated and recognized more globally.

go Philippines!

Roman Paul said...

maraming maraming salamat pisanu sa post mo!... wag mo naman sanang ipamuka na kami ang no. 1 na importer ng bigas sa mundo at kayo ang no. 1 na exporter... bago kayo naging no. 1 na exporter, kami muna! kung hindi dahil sa miracle rice namin, hindi lalaki ang ani ninyo! hehehe,,, by the way, sana naging malaking tulong yung email ko sayo tungkol sa surigao treasure... muli, maraming salamat sa iyo/dacal a salamat keka!!

Anonymous said...

hello there...
its my first time here to leave a comment but i am reading your blog
almost everyday....
(silent reader)
i post my comment here 1st to thank
you for featuring our independence day
mabuhay ka pisanu^^ aheheh

and the 2nd one is
for the anonymous na nagleave ng walang kwentang comment sa taas
hey there....
if you want more adventure para sa
kalibugan mo!!!!!!
wag ka dito pumunta and why dont you start your own blog??? na puro kabastusan para masiyahan ka!!
that's all ty just call me akito po^^

Pinoy said...

hmmmmm....really the best.

i really love bi-race filipinos...

like Vanessa Anne Hudgens(leading lady of HighSchool Musical)


Jenifer Lopez...

They both have a filipino blood!

MischMensch said...

Lol Anonymous is one freaking horny horner. Yawn good morning SEAsia, whopps it's already 1715

Patric said...

Happy 110th anniversary Phils!!!

Antonius Bram said...

until now, i keep wondering when did philippine achieved her independence. was it 1946, 1938 or 110 years ago? because according to indonesian geography textbook, philippines achieved independence on 12 june 1946, but some say after USA invaded them. who's right?

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