Monday, June 16, 2008


It’s going to be pageant fever again in a few weeks…

For those who are taking it so seriously, it’s gonna be an exciting-ultra-fabulous event which would give “honor, glory and economic prosperity” to their country. *sure*

And for those who are so-and-so, well in the case of us Biseaners, it’s gonna be just another chance to make money on

The Miss Universe 2008 will be held in our turf (again!)Nha Trang City in Vietnam. And for some reason, they pronounce it as /'na 'charng/.

Come 14 July, over a billion people would have their eyes glued on telly hearing the words “Miss”, “finalists”, “Vietnam” over and over again for 2 hours.

Here are our girls in this “auspicious” event… *lolrtf*

All the best to our girls! Make us proud!



Mariani said...

you and your gambling impulses. lol. but i personally think indonesia and thailand got a shot.

Daniel N. said...

That Malaysian girl doesn't look anything like that in person. She's not photogenic but she's really pretty. Why are Malaysian delegates always not photogenic?

EricLau said...

Oh! Shanise is too old for this kind of stuff. But she got sex appeal, yeah?

David M. said...

Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Fresh. Not too dolled-up. Nice to look at.

Tongkat Ali said...

indonesia and thailand =)

ParkourBoy said...

I wanna cheer for Shanise. She's classy. Not the "pageant" patty type. There is something about Gavintra. Hmmmm,....

Anonymous said...

i'll be rooting for the Philippine delegate.

=P i wonder why?

haa. mabuhay!

MischMensch said...

Why do I have a feeling that I am not proud of the Malaysian one? It looks a little bit corny to me like some beginning of some dirty show or something...... Ahem

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

she's beautiful. ms phils is.

Jake Tornado said...

Miss Indonesia is such a cutie. I'll bet on her.

Anonymous said...

ai caramba! miss indonesia!

Anonymous said...

im from the phil.

here's my order list:

100% chance to make it - Ms. INDONESIA - Putri

75% chance to make it - Ms.

50% chance to make it - Ms.
VIETNAM - Thuy Lam

25% chance to make it - Ms.

The rest, sorry! 0%

(Just my opinion...)

Allen Yuarata said...

Ms. Indonesia and Shenise's got the looks. But do they have the wit and charms? I mean, during the previous Miss U pageants, their delegates have always been beautiful but mostly, nobody gets to the finals. I hope they'll prove me wrong this time.

However, I have great confidence with Ms. Philippines, but judging by the overly prepared latinas, a few asian women may stand a chance.

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