Thursday, July 03, 2008


If you’re in an event and representing your country by proudly wearing a sash across your torso for the world to see –

-- And it’s MISSPELLED…would you wear it or not?

Jennifer of the Philippines must be such a nice girl not to refuse or at least complain that her country name was misspelled. Or maybe she did complain nicely…but

…judging on the number functions she attended with the erred sash… how long did it take her to notice?

I’m sure correcting the mistake by printing another sash would only take a few minutes. *sigh* And how can an event as big as this ever make a mistake like that?

See what I mean in our previous post:
Of the World’s Most Insulted Countries”?



Edge said...

Maybe she herself didn't know how Philippines is spelled?

Tranh Dupuy said...

That's hilarious!

You know what Pisanu, no matter how they hate you...

They cannot deny the fact that you are one of the vigilant defender of South East Asian countries.

How dare them misspell Philippines!

I'm Laotian-French, by the way.

Nice blog.

curbside_puppet said...

aren't they supposed to have an editor to check out on that before they gave it to the girls?

i'm sure PHILIPPINES is easier to spell when compared to KYRGYZTAN or LIECHENSTEIN.

benee said...

well then again it is a Filipino trait to be "matiisin"
hay. hopefully on the night it self, Philippines will be spelled right.

Edward said...

Edge could be right, the Ms. Philippines doesn't even know how to spell her country's name the right way. Otherwise, common sense dictates she will call their attention. What a shame! Holding a gargantuan event like this will have its hits and misses. Nobody's perfect especially for Vietnam which I believe has so many things to learn. When Ms. Universe was held in the Philippines in 1994. Ms Belgium sash was mispelled as Beligum. Filipinos were embarrased by this faux pas. She didn't complain and didn't win but she won the hearts of many Filipinos and was their favorite. In the case of Ms Philippines in Vietnam right now I don't think she will get the same treatment because the Vietnamese people didn't know the difference and therefore would not care.


PUBLICITY.....negative as it maybe is still publicity. Who knows, it might catch attention. Good luck to our candidate from the PHILIPPINES as well as others from Souhteast Asia.....

...hello PHILIPPINES Mabuhay!

Edge said...

It's the local production crew that prepares the sashes. Miss Philippines' sash wasn't the only one that was misspelled; so was Miss Kosovo - it was spelled KOSOVA. They've corrected the spellings though; there was a picture of Miss Kosovo wearing the right sash. Too bad it wasn't Miss Philippines. I don't think she's going anywhere near the top 15.

Jake Tornado said...

You hit right in the nail, dude. I'm slighted with the way the sash was handled. Can I donate one with the correct spelling?

Mechu said...

Edge could be right. Either she's tacky or don't know how Philippines is spelled. I also bet she pronounce it with a P instead with an F.

A lot of us have difficulty differentiating P and F.

I think she's just plain stupid. Kainis! Bobita Salonga ang muher! Leche!

Pogi said...

yes, i agree. how long did it take her to realize the misspelling? that green swimsuit was the official taping of the Swimsuit Competition.

You mean to say she wore that sash in the official taping?

Jennifer said...

that is insulting and an embarrassment that no one corrected that mistake!

and oh yeah... when is it airing?

Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

They should put Maharlika instead. Joke. Sorry I cant help it. :P

Anyways, yeah... BOO! for not spelling my dear Philippines correctly. Ouch! to Ms Philippines for not realizing it and F-you to people who didn't correct it for her, regardless of the "publicity" we/she'd get.

Matthew Andrew Aguirre Nagtalon said...

nakainis naman!

mga vietnamese talaga.

BUT i bet you Philippines will win ms PHOTOGENIC again.

MABUHAY pa rin!

Antonius Bram said...

not just country names, perhaps even country flags could be put mitakenly

Anonymous said...

lol they changed the voting procedure on the ms. photogenic award... so i doubt it matthew. :)

Matthew Andrew Aguirre Nagtalon said...

i heard about that..

so i guess national costume?
but i heard that they have a top ten for that now..

at ang Pilipinas hindi kasale.


i'll still be rooting for jen though.

i hope she says something witty about the spelling mistake.. like the previous Miss Philippines

khalel said...

The name Philippines and its Spanish counterpart, Filipinas, are derived from the name of PHILLIP II, the King of Spain in the late 16th century.[8] Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos used the name Las Islas Filipinas in honor of the then-Crown Prince during his expedition to the Philippines, originally referring to the islands of Leyte and Samar. Despite the presence of other names, the name Filipinas was eventually adopted as the name of the entire archipelago.[8] There also had been proposals of changing the country's name to "Maharlika", but so far none of them are expected to be successful.

The Production Assistant or who ever made the sash must adore King Phillip that much. c",)

Grace under Pressure!

Anonymous said...

What in the world are you talking about Khalel? It was misspelled. What has Phillip has to do with it? The issue was the spelling!

Matthew Andrew Aguirre Nagtalon said...

it's a publicity stunt.

do whatever to get attention right?

raissa said...

I think she did complain but supposedly the organizing committee was not able to correct it right there and then, dont know why. The committee has apologized and corrected this, I believe but really couldnt they have researched it first on how its correctly spelled. It irks me when its spelled wrong. I read about it but its only now that I actually saw the photo.

khalel said...

anonymous, cant take a joke when you hear one? geez!

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