Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Chào bạn from Nha Trang

Hello sweeties. It’s been a while since I wrote here.

We left Kathmandu earlier on Vietnam Airlines (1742) to Nha Trang at 1:50pm. I managed to persuade */read as "tricked"/ the guys to change our itinerary and offset 2 weeks of our scheduled trip to Kuching and Surabaya.

Nha Trang, as you already know, is the venue for this year’s Miss Universe.

This is the newest city-showcase of the beautiful and unstoppably-progressing Vietnam. Nha Trang is spotless! Clean, crisp and fabulous. Reminds me of my hometown Pattaya, but Nha Trang is in the “wholesome” genre. LOL!

We were “socializing” earlier at a famous chill-out strip. You know, the tourists-meet-tourists kinda places, sweetie. Not my cuppa tea, but it was…uhmm…interesting.

I noticed lotsa Americans this time. Maybe because of the pageant. Lotsa Filipinos (they’re everywhere!), Indians (them too!), a couple of Spanish-speaking gorgeous guys carrying make-up kits */wink wink/. Interesting.

I should also mention that of our 6 delegates here…Singapore is the one making waves. Everybody knows her by name – Shenise. Other girls are referred to by country. But this girl is known by her first name. Really interesting.

Since this is actually what we came here for, ok, “I” came here for…I’ll hop around and do some investigating, ok sweetie? I might change my previous “prediction”. LOL.

As they say here in Nha Trang, sweeties
Hoan nghênh. Welcome!

--Sofia in Nha Trang


Curbside Puppet said...

it would be nice if singapore wins. anyways, its still from asia!

has singapore won the title before?

Jake Tornado said...

I thirst for more...LOL!

Vinh said...

welocme to vietnam!

Danica said...

May we know which ones are you guys betting on? I know you, Pisanu and Morgan loves to bet on some gambling, may we know which ones are you betting your moneys on this year?

Anonymous said...


ErickLau said...

Welcome back, sweetie. Nice to see youre posting again.

MischMensch said...

Wow why do they know her by name? I wonder

Preyanka said...

Amazing that Nha Trang is THE hot spot right now. Wow. I remember going there as a kid when there wasn't a single tourist in sight.

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