Thursday, August 07, 2008

How Many Did We Send?

WHOA! It’s the eve of the Olympics of all Olympics! The highly anticipated AND “overly” publicised event of the century – Discovery Channel just won’t stop bombarding us with features and specials in the past 5 years.

The Opening is in a few hours so I won’t be ranting [just yet]. See my previous rant about our Olympic standings here if you want some entertainment.

So, THIS IS IT! How many did we send to the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Since the venue is practically OUR neighbour, I was hoping that we’d send a lot. As we all know, the more athletes we send – the more chances of getting medals, isn’t it? Yeah, yeah… here’s official tally:

Brunei Darussalam
2 Athletes in 2 Sports

1 Athlete in 1 Sport

3 Athletes in 2 Sports

23 Athletes in 6 Sports

4 Athletes in 2 Sports

33 Athletes in 9 Sports

15 Athletes in 8 Sports

26 Athletes in 5 Sports

51 Athletes in many, many sports (13)

Timor Leste
2 Athletes in 1 Sport

13 Athletes in 8 Sports

And here’s THE complete list of our hopeful athletes
exclusively sent to BISEAN Blog:


Koh, Maria Grace, Swimming
Yusof, Mohd Yazid Yatimi, Track and Field


Nay, Myo Aung, Archery


Hem, Bunting, Track and Field
Hemthon, Vitiny, Swimming
Sou, Titlinda, Track and Field


Chandra, Alvent Yulianto, Badminton
Erawati, Dedeh, Track and Field
Hadiyanto, Luluk, Badminton
Hidayat, Taufik, Badminton
Irawan, Eko Yuli, Weightlifting
Kido, Markis, Badminton
Kuncoro, Sony Dwi, Badminton
Kurniawan, Edi, Weightlifting
Limpele, Flandy, Badminton
Marissa, Vita, Badminton
Marita, Fibriani Ratna, Swimming
Nasution, Sandow Weldemar, Weightlifting
Prasasti, Yosheefin S, Shooting
Puspitasari, Rina Dewi, Archery
Rochmawati, Ika Yuliana, Archery
Rumbewas, Raema Lisa, Weightlifting
Setiawan, Hendra, Badminton
Sulaksana, I Gusti Made Oka, Sailing
Utomo, Donny Budiarto, Swimming
Wibowo, Suryo Agung, Track and Field
Widianto, Nova, Badminton
Yulianti, Maria Kristin, Badminton


Chindavong, Thepphithak, Swimming
Sackpaseuth, Philaylack, Track and Field
Tonsacktheva, Souksavanh, Track and Field
Vongphachanh, Vilayphone, Swimming


Amir Hasan, Hasli Izwan, Shooting
Awang, Mohd Azizulhasni, Cycling
Bego, Daniel, Swimming
Che, Chew Chan, Taekwondo
Cheng, Chu Sian, Archery
Chin, Eei Hui, Badminton
Choong, Tan Fook, Badminton
Elaine, Teo, Taekwondo
Heong, Tan Boon, Badminton
Ibrahim, Amirul Hamizan, Weightlifting
Jimie, Elizabeth, Diving
Keat, Koo Kien, Badminton
Khalmizam, Wan, Archery
Khoo, Cai Lin, Swimming
Lee, Chong Wei, Badminton
Lee, Hup Wei, Track and Field
Lee, Wan Wah, Badminton
Leong, Mun Yee, Diving
Leung, Chii Lin, Swimming
Lew, Yih Wey, Swimming
Lim, Leong Keat Kevin, Sailing
Lomas, Bryan Nickson, Diving
Marbawi, Muhammad, Archery
Md Yunos, Muhammad Edrus, Cycling
Ng, Josiah, Cycling
Pamg, Pandelela Rinong, Diving
Samsu, Roslinda, Track and Field
Siow, Yi Ting, Swimming
Tisin, Mohd Rizal, Cycling
Wong, Choong Hann, Badminton
Wong, Mew Choo, Badminton
Wong, Pei Tty, Badminton
Yuan, Yu Fang, Track and Field


Ang, Eric, Shooting
Arabejo, Ryan Paolo, Swimming
Coakley, Daniel, Swimming
Dagmil, Henry, Track and Field
Diaz, Hidilyn, Weightlifting
Fabriga, Rexel Ryan, Diving
Go, Tshomlee, Taekwondo
Javier, Mark, Archery
Molina, Miguel, Swimming
Perez, Sheila Mae, Diving
Rivero, Mary Antoinette, Taekwondo
Simms, Christel, Swimming
Tannamor, Harry, Boxing
Torres, Marestella, Track and Field
Walsh, Jb, Swimming


Cai, Xiao Li, Table Tennis
Feng, Tianwei, Table Tennis
Gao, Ning, Table Tennis
Jiang, Yanmei, Badminton
Kang, Calvin, Track and Field
Koh, Seng Leong, Sailing
Koh, Terence, Sailing
Lee, Wung Yew, Shooting
Li, Jia Wei, Table Tennis
Li, Yujia, Badminton
Lim, Lynette, Swimming
Lo, Man Yi, Sailing
Ong, Deborah Huimin, Sailing
Quah, Ting Wen, Swimming
Saputra, Hendri Kurniawan, Badminton
Sun, Bei Bei, Table Tennis
Susilo, Ronald, Badminton
Tao, Li, Swimming
Tay, Bryan, Swimming
Teo, Nicolette, Swimming
Toh, Liying, Sailing
Wang, Yue Gu, Table Tennis
Xing, Aiying, Badminton
Xu, Yuan Zhen, Sailing
Yang, Zi, Table Tennis
Zhang, Guirong, Track and Field


Adi, Sailom, Boxing
Boonjumnong, Manus, Boxing
Boonjumnong, Non, Boxing
Boonsawad, Ek, Sailing
Bunphithak, Pramsiri, Weightlifting
Chaipech, Noeng-Ruthai, Track and Field
Chomphuphuang, Angkhan, Boxing
Chotphibunsin, Thanyalak, Shooting
Darasuriyong, Siriroj, Track and Field
Hansawong, Phaisan, Weightlifting
Hongprasert, Sasithorn, Shooting
Jaksunin, Sangwan, Track and Field
Jandang, Pacharin, Track and Field
Jaroenrattanatarakoon, Prapawadee, Weightlifting
Jiewchaloemmit, Sutiya, Shooting
Jongjohor, Somjit, Boxing
Junkrajang, Natthanan, Swimming
Kameaim, Wandee, Weightlifting
Khawlaor, Chutchawal, Taekwondo
Klomdee, Orranut, Track and Field
Komwong, Nanthana, Table Tennis
Kothny, Wiradech, Fencing
Laosirikul, Pensiri, Weightlifting
Maneetong, Pongsak, Weightlifting
Nontasin, Chanpeng, Cycling
Pamang, Buoban, Track and Field
Panchan, Nontapat, Fencing
Panichpatikum, Jakkrit, Shooting
Petchkoom, Worapoj, Boxing
Ponsana, Boonsak, Badminton
Ponsana, Salakjit, Badminton
Pooltong, Taweesak, Track and Field
Prapakamol, Sudket, Badminton
Premwaew, Chonnapas, Taekwondo
Prucksakorn, Tanyaporn, Shooting
Puedpong, Buttree, Taekwondo
Ruenroeng, Amnat, Boxing
Sanrat, Nongnuch, Track and Field
Sayota, Pichai, Boxing
Seangdee, Jintara, Track and Field
Sondee, Wachara, Track and Field
Sukaphai, Apinan, Track and Field
Suphalak, Sitthisak, Weightlifting
Suwannarangsri, Sompote, Track and Field
Suwonprateep, Sittichai, Track and Field
Tanasugarn, Tamarine, Tennis
Tansai, Napalai, Sailing
Tawoncharoen, Jutamass, Track and Field
Thaveesupsoonthorn, Nimitta, Swimming
Thoungthongkam, Saralee, Badminton
Winatho, Wassana, Track and Field


Dias Ximenes, Mariana, Track and Field
Ramos Soares, Augusto, Track and Field


Do, Thi Ngan Thuong, Gymnastics
Doan, Kien Quoc, Table Tennis
Hoang, Anh Tuan, Weightlifting
Le, Ngoc Nguyen Nhung, Badminton
Nguyen, Dinh Cuong, Track and Field
Nguyen, Huu Viet, Swimming
Nguyen, Manh Tuong, Shooting
Nguyen, Thi Hoai Thu, Taekwondo
Nguyen, Thi Thiet, Weightlifting
Nguyen, Tien Minh, Badminton
Nguyen, van Hung, Taekwondo
Tran, Thi Ngoc Truc, Taekwondo
Vu, Thi Huong, Track and Field

All the best to our athletes!




Allen Yu said...

Me and my friends will be watching together. I waited for this moment for the past 6 years and here it comes! though im not there in Beijing, I'll be happy to see it on TV. Beijing huang yin ni!!!!

Oh my, gotta sleep now. Gotta wake up early tomorrow to order the pizza I promised them before going to school. Ha! Take That!

Allen Yu said...

By the way "Kuya" Pisanu, I think we really can't send as many athletes as we can because there are qualifying games before athletes get to the eliminations. There are limited slots in the Olympics, you know. I think the southeast asian qualifying games were held in Thailand if im not mistaken. ^^,

curbside_puppet said...

no wayyyyy!!!!

you're in CHINA?

well, i expect malaysia and vietnam to FINALLY make their first gold medal wins. I hope MY philippines would do the same as well as singapore. although my country can win as much as 4 medals, regardless of mint color.

as for indonesia and thailand? its a given that they will win their golds for sure. i expect 5 golds coming from thailand plus a good 2-3 golds from indonesia.

MischMensch said...

Lol the cat down there is cute

curbside_puppet said...

and oh, if ever you guys come into contact with either Daniel Coakley or Miguel Molina (filipino swimmers), please do give them my warmest hugs. thanks guys! Kop khun mak khrap!

ArchieMD said...

God bless Team Pilipinas!
I smell gold from Tshomlee Go and Toni Rivero.

Tommy for BISEAN said...

No, Allen. Olympic qualifying games were held all over Asia.

It just so happen Thailand has world-class sports facilities and we can't help but accept Internatonal games held on our turf.

I was just wondering why Pisanu did not give the notion of "The Olympics has been a 'for rich countries' in the past and it would always be'...

Hey Pisanu, spit it out. You and I had so much argument on that issue the night you guys flew to China.

The Olympics has become a rich-country get together.

Antonius Bram said...

my country, Indonesia actually sends 24 athletes to the Olympics and not 23. You can read it at Indonesia news portal

Matthew Andrew Aguirre Nagtalon said...

mabuhay ang team philippines!

travelphilippines said...

thailand got its gold already..

Carlos Javier said...

Yup! Gold for Thailand, Prapawadee Jaroenrattanatarakoon in Women's 53kg Weightlifting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pisanu,

I've heard that Brunei Darussalam hasn't send their contingent in the olympics after failing to register in time. check out beijing news.

It's sad that a fellow SEA country hasn't send a representative.


FunkaTronik said...

Indonesia got their first medal "Bronze" (Eko Yuli Irawan ) in weightlifting.

this doesn't count but there's an indonesian girl in the dutch woman swimming team and she won gold during the relay.

- jUbeRtjOhN - said...

Hi BISEAN!(esp. to Pisanu!)

I've seen the Olympic ceremony in a local network. Asteeg! It really showcased what China is. And the Chinese kept their promise to give us the "best show ever". Congrats to Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia for they already win Olympic medals! While the Philippines is still struggling to capture medal to break our 12 year drought. Hay! But I'm still hoping. Thanks to Go, Rivero and Tañamor!!! I'm also sorry for Brunei that they don't have any representatives in the Games!

Guys, you are very lucky that you're in China right now! Hehe!

Greet me to Sofia and Tommy. I congratulate you for making the best blog in Southeast Asia. Keep on supporting you guys and OUR athletes.

- jUbeRtjOhN -

salingPUSA said...

We have to admit it, Thailand is a powerhouse in the region when it comes to sports. Congratulations for their first Olympic gold this 2008.

Hopefully, the Philippines could follow suit...

Anonymous said...

This doesn't count, but a Eurasian, Filipina-Irish, Natalie Coughlin from the USA has won gold medal in the 100 backstroke and a silver in the 4x100 freestyle relay, she has yet to swim in 3 more races.

FunkaTronik said...

Indonesia finnaally.. got their GOLD medal (Badminton)

ihcahieh said...

Please update the medal tally marquee:

Gold - Silver - Bronze

1-1-3 Indonesia
1-0-0 Thailand
0-1-0 Viet Nam
0-1-0 Malaysia
0-1-0 Singapore

0-0-0 Philippines
0-0-0 Laos
0-0-0 Myanmar
0-0-0 Cambodia
0-0-0 Timor Leste

0-0-0 Brunei

Sad that we have not won any medals yet. I pin my hopes on Go and Rivero, I think our Taekwondo jins can end our 12 year Olympic medal drought.

DarKScoRpioN said...

It's sad that Quah Ting Wen is putting personal reasons ahead of National glory. Read more about it here.

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