Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We talk about it. We see it on telly all the time.

We emphatize, we feel for them and sometimes get teary eyed.

We wonder. We ask questions. We try to find solutions.

Fast facts and figures about world poverty and hunger.
Really disturbing =(

Poverty is a worldwide problem that seems to be without solution.

But if we keep reminding ourselves...maybe...

...just maybe one day, we'll have the heart
to do something about it to let it end.

Southeast Asia is next to Sub-Saharan Region of Africa
with the number of impoverished people.

The glimmering skyscapers, the gigantic malls,
the impressive structures that we build
strikes a grim irony to the people just down the corner.



Curbside Puppet said...

i'm touched by the video. i honestly don't know what to say except for the fact that i really want a nicer life for these people.

Anonymous said...

it is impossible to end poverty AND maintain the high standards of living in developed nations. if southeast asia was to ends its poverty, another part of the will have its quality of life lowered.

its a pessimistic view, but its true. are we willing to lower our standards of living to increase others? i'm not sure about that..

tagpibasak said...

If only we learn to live a simpler lifestyle, good enough to maintain our dignity as a person, then we will have more than enough resources to share so we can improve the lives of our impoverished people. It is paradoxical that while more and more people have developed illnesses caused by obesity, there are even more people who rarely go to bed with their stomach full.

danyhael said...

hoh... this is surprising. to see a topic like this in this blog.

aries said...

tsk i was away on the blog action day....sayang

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