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Football is the world’s most famous sport. Those who don’t agree either don’t have TV or just plain dumb. This is one sport I would be willing to give my life to *cough cough* and pretty much the indirect reason why I am divorced thrice. Ha!

FIFA, the world’s governing body of this beautiful sport has updated the World Ranking last September. Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil and the Netherlands are the Top 5. And for those who HAS TO know; England is at the 14th spot.

Let’s get on with it: Here’s the current Southeast Asian placings in the 200-nation ranking.

SE Asian Ranking / Village (Country) / World Ranking

1. Thailand shares the 112th ranking with Jordan.

2. Singapore at 132nd.

3. Indonesia at 139th.

4. Burma at 157th.

5. Malaysia at 160th.

6. Vietnam and the Philippines at 165th, shared with Sri Lanka.

7. Cambodia shares the 182nd ranking with Afghanistan.

8. Brunei at 184th with Andorra.

9. Laos at 190th.

10. Timor Leste at the 200th place (last) and shares with 7 other nations including Papua New Guinea.

World Cup 2010 -- here we come!


Source: FIFA


Curbside Puppet said...

pisanu! i'm quite embarassed with this post! we pretty much suck huh?! especially my country since only a handful appreciates futbol.
i thought thailand and maybe singapore would be inside the top 100 since both countries are the two best in the region.
but with the recent influx of half-pinoys and others who advocate the sport, expect us to help SEA and i'm crossing my fingers on that one.
and oh, i think our lady footballers fare better than their male counterparts. check that out as well.
nice and embarassing post! lol.

ArchieMD said...

The Philippines is a 3B country when it comes to sports: Basketball, Billards and Boxing.

Anonymous said...

don't worry, we still got pacman.

Degenerasian said...

The rankings don't make any sense.
Vietnam was an Asian Cup quarterfinalist last year.

How can they be tied with Philippines who they regularily thrash 6-0 in every Tiger Cup?

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ wouldn't put "embarassing", my friend. Vietnam is one of SE Asia's football power (so they claim) and you're tied with 'em with *cough cough* Sri Lanka.

@ Dr.Archie & Anonymous...I think we all know that world professional boxing is runned by promoters. Go figure.

@ Degenarasian...I feel your sentiment. TO be quite honest (excuse me, my Filipino readers), I was surprised too. But statitics IS statistics and FIFA wouldn't miss anything. Check out the FIFA link for the numbers.

And Curb got a very enlightening input..."recent influx of foreign-bred Filipino footies" probably did the trick.

PILSUNG KOREA! *cough*... I mean GO! GO! JAPAN! LOL!

danyhael said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Curbside Puppet said...

c'mon, don't be such a scaredy cat. you're referring to me, right?

well let me tell you. the country actually reached its football peak when the country won the football crown at the far eastern games.

who's occupier's time was that? oh, its the american occupation!

i call this the end of the conversation. and am sorry bisean for doing this since danyael is not brave enough to leave a link.

Curbside Puppet said...

why do you have to oppose everything that i had to say? what does that even make you? you were never nice to me. it certainly does not make you better.

please give me a break.

danyhael said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
JanN_09 said...

You two Danyhael and curbside puppet...dont fight over such foolish things...Be proud at least Philippines is in the rankings!!! two are Filipinos ryt??!im sorry to intrude but quarrels and petty fights are not nice...i dont like people fighting espcially two you're both pinoy so you should be least "pakikisama Na lang..."

danyhael said...

who's fighting?
my point is football was and still never popular in the philippines hence it's not an embarassment whether we're in the rankings or not. as simple as that.

...and why should i care about what you like or not?

JanN_09 said...

know're rude...i think you're one of the few people with low understanding and high ego...for christ's sake...i'm not here to argue with you...yeah,say you're right...its not an embarassment for the filipinos since you claim its not popular in our country and that's your point and i respect that...what i said was you need not to heighten the tension between you and the other guy since you're both least what i want to say was for you two to respect each other....or if you dont have any...well then your teacher was not good at teaching good morals and right conduct....try to get back to school cause i think you can be a plain and simple person but you can never be a human if you never learned to respect others...(you dont care about what i like ryt???!!!)

danyhael said...

and that's my problem because?...

...oh wait, that's not my problem.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Curb...the best way is not to read the comment if oyu had bad impressions previously. When you see his name, don't read the comment.

@ Danyhael...I see you're in a "aggressive mode" again. Where are the nice imputs you used to contribute here? We miss that.

And I see here Grant has been doing his job.

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