Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mount Sinabung Erupts After 400 Years

Mount Sinabung on Northern Sumatra Island in Indonesia erupted early this morning at 2:15am local time. No historical records of its eruption patterns although crater activities has been observed since 1912. More than 12,000 people has to be evacuated as a precautionary measure of the government.

Mount Sinabung (Gunung Sinabung in Bahasa Indonesia) is 8,071 ft high and the nearest city to it is Medan. Only 1 death; a 54-year-old man died due  to respiratory complications while evacuating his home.



eyron said...

i hope this eruption will not create so much destruction...

Jake said...

...and Mt. Taal is like singing a duet with Mt. Sinabung. There has been some recorded volcanic quakes around the perimeter of Mt. Taal for the last 24 hours. It's in the news.

Will Indonesia and the Philippines display some fireworks soon?

Jerick said...

i think jake will be the first to display his kind of fireworks. what am i saying here? hahaha!

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