Sunday, September 05, 2010

Weekend BlogHop | SeptWk1

Bunch of interesting posts this week.

David Poarch reminiscing his adventures in Manila.

Franx Budi talks about aligning a relationship with the Law of Attraction.

Matt The Lost Boy posted some of his photos in Bangladesh.

Don Schumann posted photos of improvised traps during the Vietnam War.

Nguping Jakarta is an 'overheard' blog around the city of Jakarta.

AJ Matela tells us why no one wants to date him.

Cumi&Ciki had some fun with friends at Max@iHaus.

Daucus Sebastian posted controversial photos that shocked me and rants about it.

Geisha rants about the recent hostage-taking tragedy.

Bryanboy embedded a video of his two heroes - Marc J & Anna W.

Jake confessed about his fetish.

Johan writes about rice pudding and his day.

Fanzi tells the storyline of an upcoming video/film he would star in.

TAO tells us why capitalism doesn't work.

GFNI talks about exporting Indonesian Convenient Store brand "Alfamart".

Fable Frog rants about house chores.

Happy weekend, Southeast Asia!


eyron said...

hey, i like your new banner :p

nightblastz said...

Hi pisanu, Sawasdee krup. I'm one of the regular visitors of your site.

Actually, i made my own blog. I did mention from the about me page that i got the idea and was inspired by this blog.

Just wanna thank you.. I can say that i'm a blogger now.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Thanks, Eyron =) I'm really so amazed you're still around to support this blog for over a year now right? I'm humbled dude. Thank you.

@Night... thanks for the link. It's wonderful to see your blog and the way you said you'll try not to copy bisean. thats was cool. stay in touch! =)

nightblastz said...

I will surely stay in touch pisanu! I'm a regular visitor, remember? hehe...

eyron said...

your blog is very informative and addictive.

thank you also for providing me (others as well) the knowledge about southeast asia, with this i appreciate the culture of other countries. by exposing us the the ups and downs of the different countries and asean as a whole we can achieve unity and someday will shout to the world that i am an asean citizen.

haha, that was serious. honestly i have a big crush on you!

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