Friday, December 07, 2007


This letter is written and posted here because it is very hard to reply to each and every email you nice people from the resorts are sending us.

Dear you,

Yes, you. Owners, GMs, marketing execs of resorts around here that keep sending us invitations to see, experience, review and “promote” your most beloved resorts. Are you listening?...ok, here

I wish you would stop the emails (which you send by the hundreds) inviting us to try your resorts. And please stop offering us discounts ranging from cheapskate 10% to the generous 70%.

Although we are very thankful and appreciative with the invitations, the perks, the discounts…well, we are regretfully declining.

You wanna know why?...

We don’t like discounts. And we don’t like free rides either. Invite us with the beauty and facilities of your resorts; and maybe we’ll come. We never said “yes” to any of you yet because we wanna pay in full…just like any resort guests.

You want us to come?don’t offer us discounts.

Respectable resorts never offer discounts.

Paradise and oases come with a price.

Thank you very much.

Much love,

Pisanu for BISEAN


John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

That is a *Very* good point. Usually when someone offers discounts they want something in return. Paying in full also allows you to be as objective as possible when critiquing a place.

Jake Tornado said...

Believe me, there's no such thing as free lunch in this world. The trick is to be smart at all times. Lotsa resorts preying on tourists anywhere in this planet.

Erick Lau said...

You're so wicked! Hahaha. But you got a point (and John too) that discounts will affect objective reviews of the place.

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