Wednesday, June 25, 2008


With just a year of existence, BISEAN made a handful of blog posts that stirred the norms and common "beliefs".

You won’t believe how many emails we got for posting lists challenging the familiar – from the Malaysians and their mountains, from the Filipinos and their malls, etc.

I was channel surfing my satellite TV and checking out the region’s local networks the other day. I do this every weekend so I would know what’s happening around our paradise.

And guess what I’ve found?

There’s this Philippine network airing a campaign for the New7Wonders of the World. Urging the whole country to vote for their local “wonders” to be included in the World list…hmmm, o’right *frowns*

I want the credit.

BISEAN is the first AND ONLY Southeast Asian blog to call for this campaign.

When BISEAN was calling all bloggers in the region to support the Angkor last year NOBODY cared. We were also the first blog in the region to campaign the New7Wonders of Nature.

Now that this Network found a “potential” prize – they all suddenly all out campaigning?

ABS-CBN…where were you when the original New7Wonders was on full swing?

A "world-class" network that isn't familiar about this global campaign since 1999?

None of the Philippine wonders was even on the list. There wasn’t even a mention of the campaign in the entire Philippine blogosphere. Why the sudden interest?

Whoever’s running your network blog saw MY blog -- that’s for sure. BISEAN is the first blog who heed the call to Filipino bloggers.

And I want credit for it.



Jake Tornado said...

Hah! Talk about opportunism dude. Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

Pisanu is DEFINITELY back. Yes, the he-bitch is back. LOL

CArrie Puyat said...

Very well said. This blog has brought news that the region hasn't heard of. And I witnessed that.

Anonymous said...

i agree. when this blog was virtually yelling for support last other blog responded. well, except for a few maybe.

but why didn't this network picked it up?

if this campaign was really a big deal to them, where were they in the original campaign?

giant networks prowling on small blogger's efforts

what a shame.

Mike said...

that network is a network of liars anyway. so don't sweat it.

Daniel N. said...

even if the whole philippine population of 91 million voted and put the philippines on the number 1 slot...there is no way tubbataha won't be included in the new 7 wonders anyway.

i know you know what i'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

This blog has brought the New7Wonders campaign to Southeast Asia. And that's a fact.

There was no other mention of this last year.

And when bisean posted sumthing about it...

here they go rushing.

Anonymous said...

No contest. The author is right.

Mariani of Italy said...

EVERYONE HAS TO KNOW THIS -- There is no national campaign of some sort like this is Vietnam. But for some reason, they are on top.

The origin of the votes would be considered in the finals. If most of the votes would come from the same country as the candidate, it would be deliberated or given a certain pointage.

So it is very important that the votes are distributed from a lot of places worldwide.

Pisanu pointed this out to me a few months ago. I'm just sharing.

Ma. Theresa said...

this is just another case of prowling. networks like this scan the blogs to get some articles. and pass it as theirs.

i'm from the philippines. i won't mind apologizing for them.

Amelia K. said...


Jake Tornado said...

On the other hand, I beg to disagree that BISEAN is the "only blog" to call for this N7 Wonders of Nature campaign.

A blogger by the name of Benj and several others, I'm sure, made the first step.

But still, ABS-CBN is still not excused.

My 2-cents' worth.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Jake, they wouldn't be familiar with the N7 Wonders of NATURE without the ORIGINAL N7 Wonders which was posted here a year ago, would they?

Most influential Filipino blogs have links here especially the "g" community. They can attest to that.

Carrie Puyat said...

I can safely say that Jake is a newbie on Bisean.

This blog was the "saling pusa" of Filipino blog listings when they were starting.

Their claim is substatial.

David Merchant said...

I was already a regular of Bisean when they were trying to yell out (literally) to support the Angkor.

I even helped them buy a local SIM card and recieved funds to vote by text message.

I haven't seen anyone who felt so strongly about South East Asia.

Yes, the credit is due.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Carrie babe, I know "pusa". What's "saling"? =)

EricLau said...

Maybe Jake was referring to Benz? If he is... Benz was a regular here.

And I'm sure he knew about the first post on the New 7 Wonders of the World on this blog.

curbside_puppet said...

@PISANU: To answer Carrie's "This blog was the "saling pusa" of Filipino blog listings when they were starting" reply, its means that your blog was like an honorary member to the filipino blogosphere.

"saling" came from the word "sali" which means "to join."

so when someone refers to you as a "saling pusa," it means you're almost a part of that group but not quite since you still don't enjoy the same privilege that regular or real members have.

naintindihan ba?

travelphilippines said...

i hate that channel well everybody does. they will do everything like move heaven and earth to be the no.1 channel in the Philippines again.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Got that, Curb. Thanks to all of your guys for the comments.

My other point was, why not give the credit to the blogosphere?

We were the one's that made this campaign goin'!

The other network is a thousand times better. I have their documentary cd's on my collection -- i-Witness!!! Heavy stuff. I like it.


I don't get it....what's all the NOISE all about?
NOBODY HAS THE MONOPOLY OF KNOWLEDGE.....okay , give credit to whoever pushed for it first but I also see nothing wrong with a major network doing some local campaigns.

I would admit I was so busy these days that I was not even aware of this ad and everything but please tell us the details.....

did ABS-CBN even mention that Bisean did not do it first? or that no other media has done it before them?

If not......I don't see the point in all these.


Jake Tornado said...

@The Dude...Whoa! You're also a fan of i-Witness? The Show which started Philippine television's "finest hour"? You. Really. Rock. :)

Jake Tornado said...

@Carrie...and you can also "safely say" that I'm a newbie in the blogosphere...having started a blog in 2006 (way before BISEAN was born). Con mucho placer. :)

mark kl said...

I understand Pisanu's sentiment but guys guys your bitching about something you really do not care about in the first place and just started to bitch about when Pisanu mention it, is kinda ridiculous dont you think?

Stop the noise and non sense if you do not care about it in your hearts in the first place and do not just surf and ride with the wave's (issues) presented to you all the time.

Jake Tornado said...

Urhm...who's bitchin' about what? My imbecile brain is quite at a loss now.

mark kl said...

Hey do not be a smart aleck, as expected some will take my comments literaly.

Do you think using ambiguous words like imbecile will make you look smarter? Peace out, no ofense ok, and this will be my last comment on this particular topic because I know smart comments will be coming out soon from out there somewhere!

Jake Tornado said...

Since when the word "imbecile" become a word of the smart people and "ambigous" at that? Gowd, it's really hard to put up with "some" people.

Erique Fat Owl said...

I am enraged. Enraged, I say!
BISEAN should get the credit!

MischMensch said...

Lisboaaaaaaaaaaaa! I would vote for Funchal, Penang, Chiang Mai and Guangzhou for some personal reasons if possible :P Forca Portugal... erm I mean go South East Asia.

I swear I am not drunk

kenji said...

well i think the only reason as to why ABS-CBN is campaigning for the N7 is because of their visit in Puerto Princesa during PBB teen plus 2. I think it's the local government there who asked for it.

tsong said...

yeah! kenji is right...its the local officials who asked for it of puerto princessa, why not just let them do what they want....anyway we all have freedom to do so, whatever their reasons...LOL

damien fong said...

ABS-CBN is shit. Sorry, but they are. There was a controversy about one of their reporters in early 90s who supposedly was the only reporter in the world to capture footage of a major eclipse whereas the rest f the world were not. Turned out to be stock footage! Take it from a local, the Lopezes are incredibly ruthless businessmen; it's not enough that they have a monopoly on electricty and cable TV here (aside from owning a major TV station!!!), they just have to be the first in everything, whatever it costs.

Mike Cabrera said...

...and all of a sudden this blog is being swallowed by the overplayed network war/crabs back home are known for... heaven have mercy. Not on this blog please.

It was mayor Edward Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa City of Palawan who have asked for the campaign because PBB, a show on ABS have asked for the Mayor's assistance to shoot in Palawan and the people of Palawan have all along known this campaign before the station did with Tubbataha Reef being one of their nature's prides.

Last Month, a supporter of the Underground River have submitted Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (which is a UNESCO world heritage site and have been under environment protection since 1971 by the government) -- this is the same park that's been campaigned repetitively by the station because this was the central location in Palawan where they shot for the show....hence the appreciation of the network and fulfillment of Hagedorn's request.

we appreciate Bisean of course for their support of the regions' natural treasures. It's just sad that an issue like this be magnified out of proportion due to wrong facts and incautious judgement.

Peace and Harmony to everyone.
Mike, a Palaweño

Mike Cabrera said...

erratum 'Last Month" = March 2008.

Anonymous said...

The "I want the credit" issue is a bit over-the-top, Pisanu.

The last time I checked belongs to a public domain which means it is public knowledge. The growing number of sources regarding N7W information is not confined to one site alone. There are hundreds or even thousands of articles from blogs, news sites, community forums,etc. regarding the campaign. I've discovered this N7W thing first from a community forum before I realized Bisean have it as well. Whether it is a relayed information from this very site, or from another site, or from whatnot sources that's another matter altogether.

No one should really get credit for this but Mother Nature for creating these magnificent wonders for us to see. The limelight should be focused on them, not to us. Just my 2 cents.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

No, it ISN'T over the top. You know why?

THIS IS MY BLOG and I can say whatever I want.

I could even CLAIM I am the first dude on Mars.

There. Take that.

Anonymous said...

ABS-CBN sucks!

they're spin-masters who only care about profit!

Anonymous said...

Now you are crossing the line G-Pisanu.

1. Public Knowledge is public knowledge - you can not claim you were the first
2. Your blog was not yet popular in 1999 as it is today - in other words you can not claim that you were the first
3. The burden of proof is on you - you have to prove to the Court of Law (if ABS-CBN decides to sue you - numerous cases, be careful) that ABS-CBN did read your blog.
4. The burden of proof is on you - you have to prove that ABS-CBN copied your campaign.
5. Your attitude of "THIS IS MY BLOG and I can say whatever I want. I could even CLAIM I am the first dudett on Mars" is what exactly gets bloggers like you into big trouble.

Pisanu, are you prepared to face the LAW? Are you ready to go down to earth?

To the rest of you, think 5x before you post comments in support of someone else's opinions. You can also get into trouble.

Take this as a warning. You are a great blogger, you just need some lessons, manners, and experience. Do not cross the line ever again unless you are ready to face corporations and people with endless money.

Grant (BISEAN Ed.) said...

*** Danyhael comment - deleted. Anonymous comment - maintained (constructive criticsm).

Grant (BISEAN Editor)

*** Please don't waste time putting in offensive comments.

I said it before and I'll say it again -- THE AUTHOR NEVER READS COMMENTS WITHOUT ME CLEANING IT UP FIRST. Never. Your offensive comments would be just a voice in the wilderness. Nobody hears it but you.

Thank you.

danyhael said...

@grant: i wanna see my comment again coz ias far as i can remember, i did not post ANY offensive comment not even curse words or profanities. try to read it again. you know what's offensive? the article itself.

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