Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Southeast Asia's SMALLEST Province/State

If we listed the biggest we should also list the smallest but equally important provinces/states of our region. We have excluded the National Capital Administrative regions and city/municipalities with special provincial status.

Just like the "largest list" which was dominated by only 3 countries (Indonesia, Burma and Malaysia); the “smallest” list is also dominated by 3.

The 10 Smallest Province/State in Southeast Asia:

1. Batanes, Philippines / 209.3 km² / Capital: Basco

2. Camiguin, Philippines / 229.8 km² / Mambajao

3. Siquijor, Philippines / 343.5 km² / Siquijor

4. Samut Songkhram, Thailand / 416.7 km² / Samut Songkhram

5. Phuket, Thailand / 543 km² / Phuket City

6. Liquiçá, Timor Leste / 543 km² /Liquiçá

7. Biliran, Philippines / 555.5 km² / Naval

8. Guimaras, Philippines / 604.7 km² / Jordan

9. Nonthaburi, Thailand / 622.3 km² / Nonthaburi

10. Aileu, Timor Leste / 729 km² / Aileu

*All of these are island provinces except Samut Songkhram, Nonthaburi, Liquiçá and Aileu.

The Batanes Province of the Philippines is the northernmost province of the country bordering Taiwan. It is obviously the smallest in the country as well. This group of 10 islands was declared a province in 1909 although it is already a territory since the 1700s. Batanes is the home of the Ibatan people.

It is 3 times smaller than Singapore AND *here’s the kicker!* ONLY twice the size of Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s total area (100 km²). Amazing!


salingPUSA said...

If it is the largest, biggest, richest kinda thing, not from the Philippines, but the smallest, poorest, ---that's usually us. kekeke. Nice info, fun, fun...

I wanna go to Batanes.....cute cute

- jUbeRtjOhN - said...

Nice info, Pisanu! Can I suggest a topic to you? Can you make an entry about the first possible SEA city to host the Summer Olympics. It will be nice!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hello Pusa (Meow in Thai) and Jubert... greetings from *drumroll*....

The Manila Peninsula, Makati! Woohoo! (2 nights only wakaka!)

As with the SEA city dreaming to host the Summer Games...well, Manila actually bid on the 1988 Games. But Bangkok and KL is keeping a low profile.

Bangkok has hosted the SEA Games the most times and the Asian Games. KL is always bidding at the Commonwealth and AG. It's actually a strategy -- only this 2 cities will emerge the victor for the Olympic bids.

That's according to my Uncle working in the IOC.

lala said...

Hello from Manila!

I didn't know Batanes is just THAT small!!!

I've been following your blog for several months now and I find it very informative and entertaining! :) Reading this blog reminds me how wonderful our region is. Now I want to visit all of South East Asia. :)

Pisanu, you're an interesting (in a good way) fellow, I must say :)

ano 'ni, 'mus? said...

have you been to batanes, pisanu? i want to go there but i don't have any money. if bisean is hiring travel writers, i want to apply. i'm burnt-out in my current job. by the way, i work hard, have itchy feet(fungal feet) and an honorary citizen of ASEAN.

TAO said...

I want to file a PROTEST!

Why is it that the "smallest" of anything is always the "CUTEST"

Why can't the biggest be the cutest for once?

What is so great about being cute?

Its sort of like saying, "I maybe small but I am cute..."

It makes it sound like being "cute" is like a consolation prize....

Matthew Andrew said...

it is quite true, especially for the Philippines, that GREAT things come in small packages.

where else in Asia can you find the majority of the populace being English-speaking Catholics?

The Philippines was once destined to be an Asian superpower. Just federalize the country! I'm sure the Philippines will one day lead the ASEAN pack and beyond.


Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ TAO...hey! You're the last person I would expect a protest from! You're a BISEAN Big Brother and I expect you would unconditionally agree to everything I say. LOL *Joke*

Cuteness refers to babies. There are no 6'10", 200lbs babies, dude. LOL

@ Lala...thanks for the kind words. We love you too for coming to our blog often. Hugs!

@ ano ni' mus... uhm...a few of the requirements to be a BISEANer is being left-handed, over 6 ft tall, half-Asian and filthy rich. LOL

@ Matthew...hey! Thanks for coming back! I have a question too: Where in Asia can you find the majority of the populace is Thai-speaking Bhuddist? Nowhere, but Thailand.

My answer to your question... India.

And there are more people in China who can speak English more than the Philippine population. AND Korea is already going up the list very fast. =) Nyehe!

james said...

Do we have a direct flight to Batanes? (Manila-Batanes) or should we go to Vigan or Laoag first?

I wanna go there soon, not now because its typhoon season... err...

Curbside Puppet said...

i love that spanking by pisanu. i think you should always make comments to make our filipino ego quite at bay.

TAO said...

Okay...Pisanu I am your big brother....but please don't make me agree with everything you say! :)

I think you are CUTE when you get mad at me! :)

Couldn't resist that one

lawrence said...

Batanes has a Scotland-ish feel to it. You should try visiting it sometime, Pisanu!

ohmski said...

wow 5 entries from the Philippines! i love my diverse country! good research and post.

ken said...

labuan ft wil be included in the list if only the total ft divided between kl, putrajaya n labuan

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