Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The 2008 winners of the airline industry’s most coveted prize were announced last month in London. As usual, most of the top awards went to Asian airlines with the cherry on top – Singapore Airlines as the Airline of the Year! *the 3rd time in 10 years!*

The rigorous and meticulous survey for 2008 winners was done between Aug 2007 to Jun 2008 by Skytrax -- the world’s most trusted airline reviewers.

Here are the Top Awards: “Did your flag carrier made it?”


1. Singapore Airlines

2. Cathay Pacific
3. Qantas
4. Thai Airways
5. Asiana Airlines
6. Malaysia Airlines
7. Qatar Airways
8. Air New Zealand
9. Emirates
10. Etihad Airways


1. Asiana
2. Malaysia Airlines
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Thai Airways
5. Air New Zealand


1. Bangkok Airways


1. Cathay Pacific
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Qatar
4. Jet Airways
5. Thai Airways


1. Singapore Airlines
2. Air New Zealand
3. British Airways
4. Cathay Pacific
5. Etihad


1. Asiana
2. Qatar
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Malaysia Airlines
5. Thai Airways

Congratulations to Singapore Airlines! We are proud of you.

And to Malaysia and Thai Airwayscongratulations too! Well done!


Here’s the complete list of winners.


ArchieMD said...

Aviation enthusiast that I am, it fascinates me to see this kind of post. Congratulations to SIA... I wish I'd be able to fly its Airbus A380 someday.

Curbside Puppet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Curbside Puppet said...

no PAL!!! well, it came in as no surprise.

it's also not surprising that most of these airlines came from the asia-pacific region. hurrah to us all!

the only airline in the list that i actually tried was cathay pacific (the only other non-PAL airline that i've tried would be united airlines),so i really don't have any credibility to add a comment to this listing.

i hope they also added a best budget-airline category.

james said...

Congratulations to Singapore Airlines!!!working with SIA as cabin crew is my dream job but unfortunately they only hire Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian and Japanese nationalitites. Congrats to my current airline too, Emirates!!! u have to see our inflight entertainment, more than 500 channels in all cabin classes, that's why we are voted as the best inflight entairtainment according to Skytrax.

As for PAL, i miss my previous airline, Gudluck nxt time. I miss my friends there too!!!

Nice post u have here Bisean. Good job.

Matthew Andrew said...


It would be interesting to note that Philippine Airlines is the first established airline in Asia.


Morgan H. said...

Curbside_Puppet...could you please handle Matthew's comment?! Thanks.

the dreamer said...

hope to see Philippine Airlines on those lists, someday... hmmmmm i wonder when... wahahaha

peace y'all *wink

eyron said...

singapore airlines always has the distinction of being the best in the region.

but im dreaming of a regional air carrier the will embody the whole of south east asia

Curbside Puppet said...


well, we know that PAL is the very first airline found in Asia and we are all proud about that. it is also interesting to note that through the decades, it has lost its edge over its regional rivals.

we all hope for a better PAL someday, the same way we would like Garuda Indonesia and other regional carriers to do as well.

the topic of this post was about the winners of the best airline awards, not who the first asian airline was.

it will be great to note about that fact to our regional neighbors, but an additional comment about the awards would have been better.

peace man, i'm just sharing some thoughts.

Matthew Andrew said...


your share is very much appreciated. =]

i also hope that one day PAL will join the list. may take decades though.

i'd like to lastly point out that my comment wasn't WAY off topic. there are plenty of comments on other BISEAN posts that talk about subjects that go on tangents.

i don't think posting a historical fact about an airline in ASEAN is severely off topic.

maraming salamat. share ko lang.

Erique Fat Owl said...

I always fly SIA because they fly everywhere. They have competitive airfares, too - tickets for certain routes are even cheaper than any other carriers in Southeast Asia.

It's very, very hard to beat SIA's competence. They're practically the perfect airline - relatively low cases of accidents, best meals on the sky, nice and professional stewardesses, best in-flight entertainment on the sky (I heart krisworld). Their frequent flyer program is top-notch, and they belong to the prestigious and advantageous star alliance.

SIA's seats are so-so, but I can't complain, really. The first and business class is just amazing (and even though Emirates' first & business class looks more spectacular, I still prefer SIA's). And most importantly, they serve the Singapore Sling, which is like, my favorite cocktail EVARR.

I was AMAZED at their A380 - I am lucky enough to live in Sydney and I was on one of their first commercial flights on the SYD-SIN route. The economy class personal screens are Huuuuuuge (huzzah!) and they even have USB ports to view your pictures, do something on word processor, etc. WOW.

I actually like Garuda, too - their cabin crew is IMHO the friendliest and most sincere people on the sky.

I flew with Thai to London before (economy) - it's quite pleasant, although service is a bit hurried but they're super generous on booze. Wineglasses refilled 3 - 4 times before they clear the plates!

As for PAL, errr...sad to say that my experience wasn't good when I flew with PAL. I find the cabin crew rather pompous and they spilled hot coffee on my lap (I was in business class) and all the stewardess did was give me some serviettes and although she apologized, her face didn't seem that she's sorry enough. But I'm sure it's an isolated case - after all, I only flew PAL once and I really can't judge PAL as a 'bad' airline.

But I kind of like how they call their economy class the 'Fiesta' class! It does perk up things a bit - made you forget that you're in a long-haul cattle class seat packed like sardines! Hahaha...

ken said...

congratulation to all airlines n idris jala of mas because he is the 1st nonmalay appointed to head a glc n made profit

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