Monday, October 20, 2008


First and foremost, I’ll take this chance to apologize to companies and business people who expressed interest in advertising on BISEAN. I know this has been long over due and we just came up with an idea a few hours ago.

BISEAN is accepting advertisers (for the first time ever) for the benefit of 3 charitable institutions in the region;

1. Phaya Thai Babies’ Home in Bangkok, Thailand

2. Holy Child Orphanage in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

3. Rumah Charis in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

All profits from our blog advertisers (from 20 Oct 2008- 19 Oct 2009) will be equally divided to the 3 orphanages mentioned above. The advertiser may also choose which of the 3 institutions they wish to be the sole beneficiary of their payment. Our group also visit foreign prisoners in Pattaya and Bangkok to give out personal letters and stuffs.

Our statistics. BISEAN gets 6,000-7,000 unique hits a week. That’s 40K+ hits a month. We are also listed in numerous blog listings in Asia, America and Latin America and mainly reach young professionals.

Our principle. To unite the youths and internet savvy bloggers and blog readers in Southeast Asia in collective appreciation of our region. Visit as many towns and cities as possible to better understand our differences and to seek and celebrate our similarities. Promote the region as “paradise of good people”.

What we do. Our group travels 10-15 days a month around the region. We do not work for any company. We promote our blog by personal encounters and planning to promote it in full force in the coming months. We do reviews, rants and commentaries on just about anything interesting around the region.

What we can do for your company if you wish to advertise here. Aside from your own banner (125x125), BISEAN will post at least 1 blog entry per week leading to your website (for 1-2 mos bond). We would also link it up to any blog post that requires your services. BISEAN would refuse other advertisers with similar business as yours.

Our Rates. BISEAN charges;

US$10 / week for 1 month bond
US$8 / week for 2 months bond
US$6 / week for 3 months bond
US$5 / week for 6 months bond

All proceeds will be marked as: “Contribution of BISEAN and [your company name]” upon donating the funds (or stuffs).

Thank you all in advance.

All inquiries to grant.waine [at] gmail [dot] com – BISEAN Editor.



Anonymous said...

God bless you and your blog.

Mariani of Italy said...

A very laudable act of unselfishness. I sent an email before, maybe you didn't get it. I'll inquire again.

tagpibasak said...

Wow! This is a big act of kindness in helping our brothers in need. More power BISEAN and may your tribe increase!

Curbside Puppet said...

i'm interested. at least me and grant can be e-mail buddies

Amelia K said...


Anonymous said...

Thank YOU!


danyhael said...

OMG. where are the real bisean authors? are they in some kind of spiritual epiphany or something? no more stories about luxuries and specimen perfection? how sad...

Jake Tornado said...


This is very timely in trying times like these...

All the best.

Xiong said...

Wonderful blog you have here about SEA Nations. I'm from Singapore and I must say, I really enjoy all my trips around SEA. Neighbours ought to work close togethr. Thank you for documenting the wonders of South East Asia in one blog and for promoting harmony and friendship among us! Keep it going. Cheers.

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TAO said...

Hey, Pisanu great idea...

So you have weekly rates listed but you run the ad for a month do we figure four weeks in a month or five?

Note to Adam..if you want to increase your business then you need to get away from having people register....

Oh, Pisanu, do you provide design services?

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ TAO...oh yeah! I never thought of that. Uhm...let's just say 4 weeks in a month.

@ AdamNick..I really don't know how your comment survived Grant's wrath on pluggings like that. Anyways, goodluck.

chuva said...

This is a totally awesome idea! I am humbled.

God bless you!

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